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Revenge & Accomplices

I rubbed furiously at the tears staining my cheeks, leaving black mascara smudges down my face. My breaths were ragged and what stared back at me was not the usual peppy cheerleader.

"Come on," Stacy spoke softly to me as if I was a wounded animal. "You wouldn't want him to see you like this would you?" I tried to shake my head in answer but it resulted in black milky years to drip into the bathroom sink. She stood to the side, glasses pushed right up to frame her round, scared eyes.

"Don't speak about... him..." I managed to get out before making a gurgling noise that sounded like a dying whale.

She twirled a red curl around her fingers. "What must I say then? There are plenty of fish in the sea?!" She replied sarcastically, trying to cheer me up yet looking terrified to do so.

Ignoring her I continued, "There's 'someone else' apparently!" I air quoted his words with my fingers furiously, "When I find her, she's dead!"

"Don't beat yourself up over it, he's a stuck up conceited asshole who wouldn't know perfect if it bit him in his ass." I let out a strangled giggle at her innocent tone. She ran a soothing hand over my back and I tensed up at the unexpected touch.

"No, no I know," I sighed, straightened up and ran a tissue over my face. "We were supposed to last 'forever' the perfect high school couple who everyone loves, the cheerleader and the football player! And I was a fool to believe, I've seen the movies as proof." I rubbed at my eyes with the palm of my hands.

Grabbing tissue upon tissue I cleaned up my mascara and held my hand out to Stacy who handed me my makeup bag. In no time I fixed up the smudged messed and Stacy gave me a thumbs up, "You're better than this, don't let him see you broken." She gave me a smile as we exited the bathroom.

She pushed my phone into my hand and I clicked it open as we walked. I had 27 Facebook notifications and 14 Twitter mentions. Opening the first assured me that almost the whole school, bar a few social miscreants, had found out about the 'incident'.

I locked my phone with a groan and shoved it into the back pocket of my jeans. Stacy gave me an upset look but made no remark, just continuing to walk with me back to the cafeteria. She glanced at me as we reached the doors, loud chatter erupting from the minuscule space beneath the door. "You sure you wanna go in?"

I offered her a fake smile and nodded, keeping my head held high. We entered the cafeteria quickly without trying to draw too much attention to ourselves. My facade fell almost as soon as the hundreds of eyes turned to face me and my cheeks flushed red. One face flared my recently dispelled anger and a certain finger itched to be thrown in his direction. "How dare he sit at my table," I hissed through my teeth at Stacy who eyed my uncertainly.

"It's his table too..." My eyes rolled in her direction and she shrugged at me. "Let's just go sit there, what's he gonna do exactly, tell us to move? They're still our friends." She offered me a small smile as the eyes followed our every move to the dreaded table. Sam sat with his three football buddies at his side, whilst the two girls sat opposite them, two chairs vacant.

Conversation ceased as we arrived. My face flushed as Stacy pulled out a chair and plonked herself down, gesturing for me to do the same. Tension only seemed to grow until Sam coughed and everybody returned their gazes to each other, yet the conversations were not quite the same.

As soon as I sat I became aware of the whispering and glances. I rubbed my right palm on my jeans and tapped my nails on the table. Time seemed to drag and chatter began to cease. "I'm not an injured animal!" I declared to the table and caught their attention. "It's just a simple breakup," Sam winced at my words. "Sure it hurts, but I'll move on." I wouldn't dare tell anyone other than Stacy that he cheated on me, I was too good for that and I did not want to be seen as 'petty' or 'naive'.

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