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Aqua POV

Calum: hello

Calum: is it me you're looking for?

Me: shut the fuck up Lionel Richie

Calum: o_o

Me: today is April 5, 2015

Calem: ok?

Me: that wasn't for you sorry

Me: but anywho wyd

Calum: thinking about you

Me: oh na na na I've been thinking about you

Calum: no I was serious

Me: ew why

Calum: cause I actually truly like you

Me: I'm not your type

Me: plus all I do is ruin things

Calum: but you haven't ruined me

Me: that day could come

Me: so it's my job to minimize the casualties

Calum: using big words won't make me stop loving you

Me: Calum I'm serious

Me: I don't want to hurt you

Calum: I would love to be hurt by you everyday if it meant that I would be with you

Me: Calum you're not understanding

Me: I'm an emotional reckless bitch

Calum: don't bring yourself down babe

Me: how can I not when I have people constantly putting me down

Calum: you have me telling you otherwise

Me: but..

Calum: when I look at the moon I see distant my love is for you

Calum: when I look at the stars I see how bright you are when you're in a dark atmosphere

Calum: when I see the ocean I think of you and it's not because of you're name it's because how much you just flow with everything

Calum: when I am at chipotle I think of our first conversation

Calum: if I have to stop sexting you to prove that I actually love you I will

Me: awe I'm speechless

Calum: I just want to patch up you're heart that Branson broke

Calum: I wanna show you what love is

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