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                                                                            FOR YOU 

                                                                "𝙸𝚃𝚂 𝚈𝙾𝚄 𝙽𝙾𝚃 𝙼𝙴"

                                                                "𝙸𝚃𝚂 𝚈𝙾𝚄 𝙽𝙾𝚃 𝙼𝙴"

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                                                                       six months ago

third person narrative.

the door knob twisted as daniel james seavey entered his shared apartment, belonging to him and his girlfriend of two , eliza rae harper.  he had just got back from touring with his bandmates, after an intensely tiring ninety show,  nine month world tour.       

everyone headed towards their own shared apartments alongside their girlfriends, all living somewhat near to one another.

"babe, i'm home!" daniel announced as soon as he entered his residence. 

"babe?" he called out, unable to find her anywhere. he pushed open his bedroom door only to find eliza pinned against the wall, aggressively making out with an unfamiliar man to daniel. the two continued their actions, taking no notice of daniel's presence inside the room with them.

"what the fuck!' daniel cried out, angry tears immediately pouring out of his bloodshot eyes.

the two immediately jumped, both eyes widened in shock since daniel wasn't supposed to be there until a week later or so.

"shit! uh jared i think you should leave now! i'll  call you later, i promise!" eliza spoke out in sheer panic and frustration. "he wasn't supposed to be here for another week! ", she thought, before nodding her head towards the man in front of her.

"sure thing, babygirl," jared smirked at her, knowing that even his smirk simply drives her crazy.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, YOU STUPID HOE!", daniel glared at him, choking out of his tears, in pure anger. he was pissed as hell, wanting nothing more than to kill jared after throwing him into a wall , victoriously killing a goat out of immense exasperation afterwards.

after hearing the front door slamming shut, daniel looked at who he thought was his girlfriend, committed to loyalty.

"care to fucking explain why some retarded bastard was fucking you?" he yelled, finally making eye contact with her and stared at her eyes , not  even finding a single sight of guilt in them.

"daniel, listen, please. i know i should've told you sooner but i've fallen out of love with you. its you not me. we just don't work.  you just don't get me at all and i've found someone better, someone who's actually always there for me when i need him! " her voice raising by the second.

after moments of pin drop silence, daniel finally spoke his mind. "i just have one question."

"go on, i'm listening." she replied still making eye contact with him.

"were you thinking of me whenever you were with him? were you thinking of us? the future we'd always dream of? what impact it'd have on me?"

"absolutely not. if i did, i would've dropped jared right away, but like i said, i fell out of love with you so, no, if that answers your question.", she responded shamelessly

"get out." he ordered, pointing his sexy finger towards the doorway. 


"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" his voice hollering through the hallway. 

"what about all my stuff? my shoes-"

"i'll have one of the girls send it over to you. now for the last time, get out. " he sighed , looking around the bedroom walls where the two had hung all their polaroid photos of the good times and the bad ones spent together.

"look, you may or may not find someone better in the future. not that i actually care or anything. i kind of have an effect on guys that just drives them crazy." eliza retorted.

"oh please for fuck's sake! you're just a girl whose legs are wide open for bastards,  while taking sexual advantages rather than being grateful for what's already in front of you. i'm telling you eliza, you will regret this one day." daniel answered.

"well good riddance!", she replied before slamming the door shut leaving daniel , her now ex- boyfriend all alone, heartbroken and most likely to be depressed.


prologue yuh yuh let's get into it.

i'm so excited for this book, although i'll warn you from now that you may cry from most of it.

i love you so much, eat something in a sufficient amount, drink some water and take the time to appreciate the aspects commonly taken for granted in life, as blessings.

let's get tf into this book yeeett.

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