3 : grave mistake.

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Jimin FOCUS.

He was seated behind a long, furnished wooden table, opposite a large muscular man wearing a black suit. His hair was slowly greying, so was his beard. He was slowly stroking it, waiting for the peach haired boy opposite him to answer his question.

"Well, Mr. Park?" He asked again, raising an eyebrow. "Did you, or did you not, tinker with Miss Choi's drink?"

Jimin was exasperated. No matter how many times he denied doing so, the big old goof in front of him just wouldn't believe him. Just what did he think of him? And why would he even do that in the first place?

"No sir." Jimin tried to reason with his boss.

"Not one more word!" The older man's voice boomed.

Ah shit. He snapped.

"Well if you don't want me to talk in the first place, then why ask me such meaningless questions you- you son of a gun! And it's not like you'll believe me over her anyway. I have been working my ass off for your lousy-ness but of fucking course you won't listen to me. Filthy money sucking leech, if you're that greedy for money then just go kiss that model's ass instead of pestering a hard working person like me!"

That's how he acted in his mind. But the sad reality was that no matter how angry and bitter Jimin felt at that moment, he knew he was not in a position to verbalize his thoughts. So he stuck to carrying out conversations in his head to make himself at least feel better.

Jimin pursed his lips, mentally cursing his boss to his heart's content when the man spoke up again.

"Hm, since you can give me no valid reason, or any reason at all," the bearded man stood up, peering down at the nervous peach haired man, "I'm afraid you're fired Mr. Park."

The last three words rang in his ears. He knew it was coming, but it still felt like a huge blow to his weary soul. He looked down at the floor, mind racing a thousand miles per hour and coming to one thought.

Jimin will make her pay for this.



The glittering silver moonlight travelled through the charcoal clouds and entered through the opened window lightening the darkness on its way. But it couldn't light up the darkness in Jieun's heart or warm up the suffocating coldness of the room.

As Jieun sat on the icy floor in front of the window her mind stayed empty; blank. She kept on remembering the upcoming MAC cosmetics fashion week she was so excited to attend once her contract with MAC cosmetics ended in good terms, yes she had that much confidence in herself. But not anymore. Now every brand she had contracts signed with refused to let her model for them until her rumours had died down or abolished. 

Hands clenching into fists, Jieun felt her vision go red in exasperation whenever one particular scene flashed in front of her eyes. The blurry moment she could recall at the back of her head when the boy with pastel locks looked at her with a fond eye-smile like they've known each other for years , "Hello there, I'll be taking your order today. What would you like?" She could still clearly recall each word he said to her before ruining everything.

Park Jimin doesn't deserve any happiness. She thought to herself in pure abhor.

As the anger gradually subsided, warm tears rolled down Jieun's flushed cheeks glistening under the moonlight like beads of crystal. The goal I've been chasing since day one is now gone. She pressed down the bridge of her nose as shards of glass stabbed her heart.

The mistake he made doesn't deserve forgiveness.


Under the moonlit sky, it was difficult to discern the shadow far ahead. After gazing for a bit longer, Jimin was sure as hell it was a silhouette of a man. As he squinted to try to make out his features, he was momentarily blinded by the glint of a knife or gun or some kind of weapon.

The next moment, the figure was gone.

Oh shit.

He instantaneously looked up and ducked behind a trashcan. A bullet came zooming in a heartbeat later. Jimin furrowed his brow and looked up at the man on the roof. Except, he wasn't on the roof anymore.

He was behind Jimin.

Placing a hand on his shoulder, the man chuckled. "AhahahhaH good to see you Mochi." Jimin turned back and managed to pin the man's arms behind his back.

"Bro, this isn't funny you were gonna shoot me!" He angrily whispered. The man laughed and managed to get his hands free. Jimin couldn't stay angry for long. He pushed him away and pouted. The other man smiled at him.

"How have you been doing, Chim?" He asked, trying to find the answer in Jimin's face at the same time.

Jimin gave him a huge grin and replied, "I'm grand."

Hoseok shook his head as the two of them started walking. "That, you always are." 

Jimin chuckled, his worries pushed to the back of his mind, at least for now. My worries are my burden to bear. I'm not involving Hoseok in this. Hoseok turned to face him, raising an eyebrow, "Now, you gonna spill or-?" And Jimin folded like a lawn chair. 

Huh. So much for not involving him eh?

Hoseok was one of the best people to talk to. He listened intently as his friend explained the events of the day. He remained silent for a few seconds before responding. "Ah well, the rich always get their way with everything. Don't worry Chim. I'm sure you'll find another job soon enough."

Jimin sighed before his lips quirked up at the corners. "Yeah." One didn't have to be a genius to hear the bitterness in his tone and expression.

The duo remained quiet after that, with the building where Jimin resided coming in to view sooner than they wanted. It had been a long day but Jimin wasn't sure if he was prepared for tomorrow when he would have to go look for a new job.

When the peach haired boy looked at his best friend next, he was a bit confused at the conflicted expression on his face. "Everything alright, 'Seok?"

Said man looked up, slightly startled before nodding. "Yeah, yeah. I'm good."

One. Two. Three.

"Actually," Hoseok halted in his steps to turn around and look Jimin in the eye, the latter doing the same. "I... I didn't want it to come to this but," he hesitated, eyes darting all over Jimin's face. 


"I have a job offer for you. But it's not one you're going to like."

And boy, did Jimin hate the idea with his entire soul and existence.

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