Chapter 11

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She was falling again and fright gripped her heart while a darkness surrounded her all over. Her body was immovable and unable to feel.

She fought trying as best as she could to claw her away out of this darkness but, it was useless.

Slowly sounds round her became clearer and louder around her, and she recognized the voices. They were faint.

Why was she crying?
what was all the beeping?
Where am I?

"Tara! if you can hear me I just want you to know we are all here," Mimi cried.

She could hear the anguish in her friends voice.

"My mom is on the next flight out, she should be here in morning," she sniffled.

Mimi sounded so distraught. A male voice began to speak with a deep british accent.

"Hello, I am Dr. Simmons, I will be the doctor in charge of Ms. Michaels." he said.

He greeted them entering and walking to her side of the bed.

Mimi watched him look at Tara and take out a small flashlight and pass it over her eyes.

"Dr. is she going to be ok?" Mimi asked.

Slowly the dr. walked around then look at them all and sighed.

"Right now it is hard to tell, we have put her in an medically induced coma. She is stable but we won't know the extent of her injuries until we run more tests." he explained.

Medically induced comma !

"Wait what is that, why am I ...?

"Dr. what does that mean?" Andrew asked.

The dr. looked sadly at all of them.

"We use drug induced coma to help the brain rest in case it suffered trauma. In Ms. Michaels case she suffered severe trauma to the brain and to avoid anymore damage we had to practically had to use drugs to put her into a deep sleep so that she can rest and her brain can heal." he explained.

"Will she ever wake up? I mean will she ever come out of it." Mimi asked.

Sadly he looked at them all.

"We wont know anything until we get test results, until then keep talking to her, hearing love ones will soothe her" he said walking close to them.

Slowly Mimi nodded her head. And turned her face into Carls embrace and began to cry.

Mimi dont cry! I am o.k.
Believe it or not its not that serious.
I'm Stuck in another time but, I'm fine.

Tara listened to all around her and it didn't sound good. Why wasn't she having those out of body experiences that she read so much about?

Another voice came in telling them it was time to leave, visiting hours are over. Only one person could stay.

"Guys dont leave me..please," she called out.

But it was no use they couldnt hear her.

She slightly felt warm hand squeeze hers and gently rub her forehead.

"You have to get better, you hear me," Carl pressed his lips to her forehead.

Tara tried so hard to open her eyes, but she couldn't.

None of this made sense.

Was she in some bad mojo or was she here or there?

Her mind toyed with endless questions all leading to no answers.

She felt confused. She didn't want to go back to that place. It wasn't real, it couldn't be real.

Slowly the voices began to fade and other voices blended in a confusing conversation.  The deep baritone voice was pulling her away from the dark place and she was beginning to feel coolness on her forhead.

"How does she fair Moira? Duncan asked.

The heavy set woman turned to look into his eyes with a silent sigh.

"The fever is getting worse m'lord, she is very restless," Moira continued to wipe her forehead with the cool cloth.

"Poor lass, she is burning up," Moira clucked.

The voices that spoke sounded just as concerned. She needed to wake up to let them know she was o.k.

A useless attempt at its best because they were holding her down and she felt trapped.

She slowly opened her eyes saddened that she awoke to the place she did not want to be in.

She started to cry.

Her heart pummeled in her chest as she watched him come closer. Shaking her head she begged in an aguished plea to be let go.

She felt as if she were on fire and she couldn't escape the flames. Weakness and thirst took the better half of her and darkness slowly claimed her again.

That dark abyss caressed her once more as if she were being tossed in a bad dream, she refused to wakeup to.

She refused to wake up to face him.

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