Chapter 20

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"We're here." Buddar said, looking up at the massive castle.

"The Castle of Shadows?!" Link asked. "How were you able to escape?"

"I didn't," Buddar said. "I had permission to leave."

Link gave her a shocked look. "Then this could be a trap!" He said.

Buddar gave him a confused look. "Trap?" She asked, jumping off of Epona. "What are you talking about? There are no traps! Now, come on! My friend needs help."

Link hesitated, then quickly followed behind. Buddar opened the door to the massive castle slightly, then walked in quickly with Link. "Hey Buddar?" Lyra asked. "What's your friend's name?"

"His name is Shadow." She said. Link's eyes widened, but then he shook his head, as though disagreeing with himself about something.

"Buddar?" Buddar heard Navy say. "Have you returned?"

Navy peeked around the corner, she smiled when she saw her. But her smile quickly faded when Lyra zipped up to her. "Hey! What's the big deal?!" She squeaked. "You kidnapped Buddar!"

Link glared at Navy and drew his sword as soon as he heard that. Navy's eyes widened in fear. "No!" Buddar said, grabbing Link's shoulder. "She will not harm us, she's a friend."

Lyra fluttered over to Buddar. "Friend?" She chirped quizzically. "But she kidnapped you!"

"But she did me no harm." Budadr stated calmly. "She was only doing what she was told to."

Lyra still seemed confused, but she didn't ask further. Buddar turned to Navy. "Take me to Shadow, please." She said.

Navy nodded and led them all down the hall. Link walked beside Buddar. "Um, Buddar?" He asked. "Your friend wouldn't happen to be Shadow Link, would he?"

Buddar nodded. "He is." She said, his eyes widened and he stopped walking.

"Shadow Link?!" He asked. "But he's a demon! He can't be trusted! He's killed people!"

Buddar frowned. "Perhaps, he was like that, once." She said. "But now he's not."

"But he even kidnapped you!" Link shouted. "Buddar, he's dangerous!"

"No, he's not!" She countered, growing agitated. "Link, he kidnapped me because he's lonely and nobody cares about him! He wanted me to keep him company and be his friend because I know what it's like!"

Link said nothing, he just stared at her, a shocked look on his face. Buddar sighed and looked down. "And that's why I needed to find you." She said. "He's hurt, and you're the only person I know who can help him."

She looked back up at him. "But will you help him?" She asked.

Link was silent for a moment, then sighed. "Alright," He said. "But if he hurts you, I won't hesitate to attack him."

Buddar nodded, then continued following Navy, who had paused while they argued. She led them to a room with a dark oak door. She opened it to reveal a bedroom with black walls and a small desk in the top right corner. In the top left corner was a small bed with black silk sheets, which were covering Shadow's sleeping body. His burn had turned a dark red, and, to Buddar's horror, it was beginning to spread across the rest of his face. Buddar slowly crept over to Shadow's bed, she gently tapped his shoulder. "Shadow," She whispered. "Shadow, wake up."

He stirred and opened his eyes slightly. "Buddar...?" He mumbled. He turned to look at her, he smiled when he saw her. "You came back...." He whispered, grinning slightly.

Buddar smiled. "Of course I did," She said. "I'm not a person who usually breaks promises."

Buddar turned to Link. "Link, he's been burned." She said. "Please, can you take a look at it?"

A glint of fear flashed through Shadow's eyes when he saw Link. Link narrowed his eyes, then sighed. "Fine." He said, walking over to Shadow. Shadow sat up and allowed Link to examine his burn, but Buddar could tell he didn't want Link anywhere near him.

After a few minutes, Link stood up. "He's burnt pretty badly,many it'll only get worse if we don't heal him." He said, turning to Buddar. "The potions at the Potion Shop aren't strong enough to work on demons, so we're going to need to get the ingredients for something stronger. But which ones we need, I'm not sure."

Buddar felt her heart sink, then an idea popped into her head. "The potion book!" She said, then raced out of the room. She raced down the hall and burst into the library. She ran over to the shelf and grabbed the potions book, then ran back to everyone else.

"Look!" She said, flipping open to the burn potion page. "This might be what we need!"

Everyone peered over her shoulder at the potion. "This is it!" Lyra chirped. "This can heal Shadow!"

"Hey!" Navi squeaked. "We need to find the ingredients!"

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." Navy said sarcastically. "But how are we going to get them? Shadow will only be burned even more if he is in the sunlight."

"Nobody ever said we're going to be traveling during the day." Lyra squeaked.

Link gave her a confused look. "Then when will we?" He asked.

Buddar smirked deviously. "Same time the Night Trickster strikes." She said. "At night."

Link's eyes widened. "What?!" He asked. "Buddar, last time you tried to travel at night, you were nearly killed by a Poe!"

At that comment, Navy glanced around nervously. But nobody noticed. "That's because I didn't know how to use weapons." She said. "But now I do, all I need is a sword."

"I may have an extra one in one of the turret rooms." Shadow spoke up. "She could use that."

"But still!" Link said. "What if she got hurt?"

Shadow rolled his eyes. "She's a strong girl." He said. "She can look after herself, that's why she was so hard for everyone to catch! The only reason you caught her was because she wasn't watching where she was going!"

"BOYS!" Lyra shouted, making them shut up. "Are you going to keep fighting like children, or are we going to get ready to go? It's already noon, if we want to be able to travel tonight, we need to prepare!"

Navy nodded. "She's right." She said. "We need to leave as soon as we can, so we need to get ready."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Buddar asked, closing the book. "Let's go get ready!"

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