Part One: Busan Prince

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There once lived a prince and he was the most handsome male in Busan during his time. He went by the name of Park Jimin, and he was next in line to be King. Jimin was more than ready to lead the kingdom to greatness like the generations did before him because he was known to be very intelligent, top of his class actually.

It was obvious that Jimin was gifted with charming looks and calculating brains but not even then was he ever considered a snob. Anyone that met Jimin for the first time described his personality to be warm, and his laughter could bring a smile to the darkest and meanest soul. Everything about Jimin was exceptional, he was divine, exquisite, well mannered and noble.

The townspeople truly believed that he had been created by the gods above, sent to Busan to bring tranquility to the kingdom, faith to their hearts and beauty to the land he was supposed to rule. Jimin brought light to every single room he entered because the second he smiled with the crescent shape his brown eyes formed and the gorgeous way his full lips curved upward he had everyone holding in their breath, bewildered by his ethereal features.

Despite his beauty Jimin was not a delicate flower, he was strong and the best student in his martial arts class. His movements were fluid, his strikes were fierce and there wasn't a person that could defeat him in battle.

The townspeople adored Jimin, they admired his passion and his determination to make the Kingdom better. Jimin would be awake before sunrise on Saturday and Sunday mornings, visiting the orphanage during his time off, he would help with passing out breakfast to the young children, read to them and bring them presents from his castle.

After that Jimin could be found visiting the townspeople, greeting them all and asking them about their day, it was small talk and seemed insignificant but it showed much Jimin truly cared about the Busan Kingdom.

Now not everyone loved Jimin, some folks claimed that he was a trickster, trying to win his people over and once on the throne they swore that he'd rain hell over them, bring the kingdom to the ground and destroy their lives.

Jimin was young of course, he was only 18 years of age when he was announced to be King in the distant future but not too many townspeople were liking the idea of change and most of that had to do with the secret knowledge that he had a liking for the same gender.

Word spread like wildfire, half of the Kingdom was divided, one part of the land was ready to have Jimin as their King, accepting him for who he was but the other side were rioting, demanding for his father to shun him before he spread his unnatural tendencies to the rest of the people.

This had the Park family upset, anxious and the royals would meet together everyday, questioning their decision because bringing unhappiness to their people was not something they wanted but they all believed that Jimin was capable of leading, strong enough to withstand the pressure and fated for great things.

The royal family soon announced that Jimin would be crowned King, assuring the townspeople that his sexual preference wouldn't hinder their lives and that his coronation day was already set and would proceed as planned but not too many were celebrating this turn of events.

Jimin held his spirits high, he continued to do all the wonderful things for the people in his Kingdom and it wasn't to convince them to trust him, it was because he loved the smile on their faces when he did so. Jimin was truly a precious soul, the kindest of the royals and he vowed to be the greatest king Busan had ever seen.

The night before coronation Jimin was in his bedroom, he was stepping out the shower when he heard a noise at his window and curiosity took over, aiding him towards the sound. Jimin opened the windows to his balcony and stepped out, he stared up at the sky and it was dark, the clouds were covering the giant moon and stars but as his eyes adjusted to the nothingness around him.

Jimin was convinced that it must've just been just his nervous mind creating hallucinations, trying to making him screw up everything he's been training for but when he turned around through the mirror over his dresser he could see a dark figure levitating, it was fully covered from head to toe, hidden in a black cloak and holding a wooden scepter with a bright red crystal shining.

"I have been summoned, I have been called upon from the darkest realm to curse the eldest of the Park royalty. Your fate belongs to me now." The cloaked sorcerer announced to the young, frightened male who was given no time to flee.

With seconds the bright red light illuminated against Jimin, making his entire body glow and for his feet to leave the ground. His once handsome face, his once attractive features were slowly disappearing, becoming something hideous and monstrous.

Jimin watched through the mirror of his bedroom as his soft skin turned into scales, there were giant horns sprouting from his head, a powerful tail protruding from the end of his spine and two enormous wings exploding out from his back.

"Park Jimin, you will not be the King, you will live out the rest of your days as a horrendous beast instead." The wicked sorcerer remarked before becoming dust, disappearing with the wind and leaving the prince-to-be suffering in agony from the new body he was transforming into.

Jimin had tears in his brown eyes, they were falling rapidly as he watched the unfamiliar creature staring back at him, his limbs were not human anymore, he looked nothing like he used too and his memories of his childhood were becoming blurry.

"Jimin honey, is everything alright?" The queen questioned, knocking on the door worried, and when she pushed them open she let out a shriek that only made Jimin more fearful. He thrashed around the room, his giant wings were knocking into everything, breaking his Victorian style bed, destroying the painting on the walls and causing for the royal knights to march up to wave their swords in his face, ready to smite the dragon that they assumed feasted on the prince.

There was blood spattering all over the lovely marble flooring, and pieces of familiar colored skin hanging off along the side of the creatures mouth, trapped between its razor shape teeth and while the queen cried for her son in another room the royal guards were stabbing the harmless royal dragon with their unforgiving swords causing it to roar in even more despair.

No one knew that the dragon was Jimin, no one was aware of what happened to him, he was cursed and he was starting to forget who he was also. Jimin was confused he had no idea how he ended up in this situation to begin with, everything before this incident was a giant blur and he couldn't understand why people kept attacking him when he meant zero harm to them.

Jimin was unable to have peace after that, he was unable to explore the beautiful land, spread his wings and fly because against his own will he was chained up. The prince dragon was tortured for killing the king before he was locked away in a dark and lonely castle where he would spend the next century waiting to be freed by someone courageous, desperately hoping that someone would have pity on his unfortunate soul.

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