{17} This Is It

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"Open your eyes idiot!" Levi screamed, gripping her hand tight that sweat dripped down from his forehead. They all stood yelling urgent process evacs, but Levi didn't care. He wanted her toned complex back, her surprisingly warm hands and most of all, her moss green eyes you could get lost in any second.

But it was all gone.

Mika's auburn hair framed over her face perfectly. Her hair was braided, as always, but messier than before. They had the investigators come to pick her up and shove her in the back of the truck.

Like they would do to a dead body. Levi thought, and he didn't believe it.

I gasped for breath.

I was in room, surprisingly back in the infirmary I had been as Bella. Bella.

But wasn't I in a coma?

"You're awake." I peered slightly to my left, but didn't see anything. "Don't try to look this way with your blind eye, princess Thorne." That's when the figure came into vision.

"What do you want from me?" I didn't demand, but I did scowl.

"I don't want anything, you do." She sighed and casually leaned back on the wall. 

The girl's hair was up into a tight blonde ponytail, with a thick fringe. Her eyes were icy blue, and her skin was almost tanned.

"I'm Annie."

"Annie Leonheart?" I asked in hidden shock. Annie nodded, "I'm supposed to be crystallized right? Too bad, you were too."

That's when I remembered everything, and I wasn't willing to be one of those annoying ask you all the questions I have peasant.

"I see." I whispered, still thinking.

"If your wondering, this is the world what it would be like without Titans." She said, I still wasn't any more surprised. If we had titans in the world before, this is nothing new.

"I'll show you around, c'mon." She heaved me up, and walked through the modern new-day alleyways.

"She is not dead," the corporal confronted. "She's crystallized like Annie."

"Considered dead, no difference." The high guardian stated.

They had tracked down a few things. Simply put; someone had inserted a serum into her body that crystallized her from arm down, now they had to find who it was.

Levi stared blankly at the young lady trapped within the borders of her own magic.But deep within him, there was a feeling of devastation.

As people exited the room, he placed a hand on the crystal, almost as if caressing her face. "You're a huge liar you know?" He mumbled. But secretly hoping he could hear her, "No matter how many times I've come to face it, you're someone I know aren't you?"

He pulled away his hand from the crystal and took a step back, and for a split second he swore he heard her, "Corporal."

When Annie meant, "Show me around," she meant to leave me alone to wander myself around the safe streets.

I had my head down low, trained on the feet scuffling around me. Corporal. My eyes widened when I realized he had suddenly came to mind. Surely he was cool, but also a short annoying bastard who always got his way and-

"Itai!" I winced, looking at the figure in front of me. I had realized I'd bumped into a person leaning on a marble pillar and well- he glared at me.

"Watch where your going next time, kuso." He spit.

I almost spit back like a llama.


He looked over at me again with a who-are-you-talking-about face. "Levi Ackerman?" I tried again. He shuddered slightly, "How do you know my name?"


Then I remembered what Annie had said to me.

"Bella Thorne."

"Oh, the princess." He snickered, but raised his eyebrows at me, "Why are you out here? And dressed like-" he studied me from head to toe which caused me to fume, not blush...or maybe I did. "-like an archer."

"An archer?" I asked, "Yeah, they shoot random things on the outer walls of Maria. Always wanted something to shoot at but all they get is big-ass trees."

I smiled a little, but quickly swiped it away.

"I'll get you back to the palace." He mumbled. I waited for something like him to call a horse but instead...he grabbed my hand and ran.

"Nani?!" I growled as he pulled me along through the crowded streets.

"You're wearing boots and jeans, you do need me to call a stupid horse do you?!"

"Argh no!" Just as I was about to pull my arm away, my fingers entwined with his on my own accord. I was angry at myself for doing so, but I had the sudden urge of wariness that washed over me like a tidal wave. I knew he was the last person I felt before I came into this....weird universe.

I just knew...

"What do you think you're-" he started, but I cut him off. "Just deal with it."

He huffed but continued to drag me around the part of town like a rag doll. Wait-

"Aren't you supposed to be treating me like a princess?" I mumbled, he glared at me. "Who do you think I am? Some random kid taking you to the palace?"

"Uh yeah."

"Heck no!" He gripped my hand painfully hard to warn he was annoyed. But I just smirked.

"Then what?"

"I'm a prince for Maria's sake!"

"Oh.." I faltered.


"Onii-chan.." I gazed up at my older brother who seemed to stare at me wide eyed, but of course, hugged me.

"You look so...different."

"Yeah I know."

"-and that uniform.." He stared at the green cape's symbol.

I quickly answered for him, "Yeah I joined and no, it didn't kill me."

"Then what did?"

"...I was crystallized, Kazune."

Levi and Annie must've left earlier, which meant I was alone with my brother.

Kazune gazed over at me with concern washed over, but I held a finger up to slience him. He looked at me skeptically, "You have a lot to learn about me, stranger."

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