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Things have changed in many ways, some of them seemingly impossible even. Luckily a girl named Kim Possible had that as her specialty. From super spy to high school, Kim has had some rough changes, not to mention that her newest friend is a cyborg. You see, Kim was known for being the best at everything, except coming to class on time. Before high school, Kim was an unstoppable force, but her world flipped upside down after an incident.

Originally Athena was just a random girl who idolized Kim Possible and suddenly started turning herself into her multiracial copycat. It was later on revealed that she was in fact a cyborg, created by the villains Dr. Drakken and Shego, built to go undercover and copy everything about Kim Possible and access it herself. She followed their instructions believing they were going to continue to work together, however the villains had a more devious plan in mind.

Drakken had planned to take the information that Athena had gained and implant it into himself, which would have destroyed her in the process. Although she sacrificed herself, Athena was rebuilt and once again became part of Kim's team, although she wasn't able to do a lot of the stuff she knew she had the ability to and even her new friend who had just moved to town was one-upping her at literally everything.

Now nearly a year later, the group have been balancing school and spy life pretty well. But little do they realize that there's more to being an agent than meets the eye. This was something that they were going to discover very soon as a new opportunity arose. Today was like any other, catching the bus, getting to class, trying not to be late again. The trio made their way into class and noticed two new girls in the class sitting together. One of the girls saw them and automatically became excited as the other girl kinda laughed a little.

"Do you even realize who that is Phoebe?" One of them asked excitedly. The other girl nodded. "Yeah I've heard some stories Jessica." Phoebe replied. Kim and her group came over to sit with them. "Hi I'm-" She said, starting to introduce herself. "Kim Possible, we know!" Jessica said unable to contain her excitement. "I'm Jessica and this is Phoebe." She said introducing her friend to the group.

Phoebe said hello to the group although did still seem a bit off guard by how excited Jessica was. Although Kim liked seeing the new faces in the school she wanted to keep her guard up in case this was another situation like Athena's. They spent the class together and went on through some of the school day while elsewhere a much younger version of Drakken was in the school as well.

During his last encounter with the team, Drakken got turned into a child but still had his adult personality and mind. While it wasn't something he enjoyed doing as pretending to be a child, he didn't exactly have much of a choice, plus it was an easy way to keep an eye on the team. During one of his times between classes, Drakken took out his phone and called Shego, who at this point was playing the mother figure since he's literally a grown man in a child's body.

Shego was in the new hideout that she and Drakken had moved into after the destruction of the previous one. She heard her phone go off and immediately rolled her eyes, seeing that it was Drakken. "What do you want?" She asked, starting the phone call. Drakken started babbling his usual plans and schemes despite that now it was harder to take his new child version seriously than before.

Shego half listened to the conversation as she had heard this speech multiple times in various versions. She had always been the second hand person for the man meaning she'd be the one given the complaints and not asked for stories. "So what do you want me to do about it?" She asked as Drakken had finally stopped talking. Drakken saw the group and noticed the new girls. "Two new individuals seem to have caught Kim Possible's attention." He said to Shego.

Shego started to perk up a bit. "Something interesting for once." She said as she went to a computer. "Send some images." She said to him. Drakken sent an image to her of himself. "Drakken, a picture of the individuals!" Shego said, annoyed. "Flip the camera." She added.

The two of them went back and forth about how to get through the camera to the point Shego was about to burst out in anger. "How is it that you've been there almost a year and you still can't use a stupid phone camera?!" She asked in frustration. "It's not as simple as-" He paused for a moment and then sent another image, this time the correct one. "Just needed to flip the camera." Drakken said to Shego.

Shego immediately face palmed herself at his words. "That's what I said in-!" She started to yell but stopped herself. "Let me see what I can get." She said as she pulled up information on the separate individuals. "Alright we have Phoebe and Jessica," Shego said, reading off the available information. "Both coming from Central City and taking part in Star Labs experiments after some explosion affected the city." She read off. "Not seeing any connections to Possible whatsoever, might just be a coincidence." She explained before hearing Drakken hang up. "Ugh, what a relief." He said feeling happy to be away from earshot with the man child.

Drakken and Shego however were not the only ones watching Kim and her friends. An agency known as The Global Justice Network was examining them through a variety of screens while examining happenings around the world. A woman was looking at the screen when one of the agents came out from behind her.

"Dr. Betty, Director ma'am?" The agent said, holding a file in their hand. Dr. Betty turned towards the agent who in turn handed her the file. Dr. Betty looked at the file with information on Phoebe. "Good work." She said to the agent. "And the other girl?" She asked while continuing to look through the file. The agent was silent and Dr. Betty looked at them. "Well, is there a problem agent?" She asked.

The agent explained that there was no file of any kind about Jessica, almost like she never existed. "We do however have footage of her from a few weeks ago." The agent added pointing to the nearby computers. "Permission to proceed?" They asked. Dr. Betty granted permission and the agent set off to work pulling up the footage. At first it was just an empty field until a rift opened and a streak of lightning burst out before it vanished.

"Now if we just adjust the speed and quality," The agent said as he did so. "There she is." He said as the image cleared. Dr. Betty looked at the image of Jessica with lightning speed. "We need to find her before Shego and Drakken get a hold of her." She ordered. "We already know what he can do with machines," She explained. "We can't take the risk of him getting his hands on something this powerful." She said before getting off the image.

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