part thirty six: build-a-bear

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(a/n: hi lovies i havent done a author note in a while- but anyway hi im sorry this was posted late lols BECAUSE I HAD TO UPDATE MY PHONE AND THIS DRAFT DIDNT FUCKING SAVE AND I HAD TO WRITE IT ALL OVER AGAIN ok anyway- on with the story!!)



"I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of training camp." You said, holding Kei's hand while waking under the umbrella.

He hummed in response. "It feels like a month but it has only been two and a half weeks." He said

You nodded.

"Keiii~" You wined.

"Hm?" He said, stoping.

A bit of rain ran down the side of the umbrella, dripped down at your feet.

It felt like one of those old 1970-1980 coming of age movies you used to see on television when you were younger. The only reason you were able to see them was because most nights, you missed Noya and couldn't fall asleep. So, you would usually go downstairs and watch movies. Well- the only ones that were on a 2 in the morning were those movies.

Ah yes, the classics. A boy meets a girl and sooner or later they have a romantic moment that gets ruining by rain but they make it seem so aesthetic.

Yeah well that wasn't the case for you both. You and Kei's hair were both somewhat drenched and your clothes were a bit wet but dried over time. Kei's glasses had even fogged up as well.

"Where are we going?" You asked, swinging your latched hands happily.

"You need to be patient, chibi." He said, then looked at you again.


"Stop wining."

"You're so mean."

"I never claimed to be nice."

"You little-"

"Chibi." He said, stopping you mid-sentence. "We are here."

You looked up from the many different sizes of puddles on the sidewalk to see a small building with a bright sign that shined through the cloudy and rainy atmosphere.


He nodded, giving a small smile.

"I used to come here a lot with Tadashi when we were younger." He continued.

"And I wanted to come here with you too." He finished.

"Well what are we waiting for?" You asked, looking at him, giving a big smile.


"Kei how about we make each other plushies?" You asked, looking back at him.

"Sure." He said, picking up and looking at another deflated plushie.

You went to the employee who gave you a small felt heart to put into the plushie.

"I'm not fucking kissing this." He said, holding up the small red heart.

"Kiss it."


"Kei I swear to god if you don't fucking kiss the heart I'm going to-"

He quickly gave the heart a small peck before you could start planning his death.

You flashed him an innocent smile before giving your small heart a kiss.

He gave the employee a small device to put into bear.

"You made a recording?" You asked, with him nodding in response.

"Ack I forgot but thats okay." You said.

He took the now fully stuffed bear from the employee and handed it to you and you handed yours to him.

"AWH KEI ITS LIKE A MINI YOU IT EVEN HAS YOUR GLASSES!" You said, smiling over-joyously.

He smiled and looked at the mini you bear. He quickly payed and then walked with you out of the store. Surprisingly, it stopped raining.

"Oo Kei I want to hear the recording!" You said, about to squeeze the hand to play it.


"No?" You asked.

"You can only hear it when we are done with the date okay?"

You nodded.

The two of you walked back to the camp, music ringing through your shared headphones.

You arrived at your room and you looked back at Kei.

"Thank you for our date." You said quietly.

You kissed his cheek and then you headed into the room.

'Now time to listen to this recording.' You thought.

You pressed the paw of the bear.



to be continued.
word count: 684 words.


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