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Warning: we only into chapter two and we got le smutttttttt

Rosabel's pov:

"I love you." I whispered, having broken away from the kiss for barely a second before pulling back in again, kissing her even harder.

I bit her lip, tugging at the skin and nibbling it, adoring the feeling of her plump lips and her tongue brushing over me. She groaned softly, her arms coming to wrap around my waist as she swiftly unbuckled my seatbelt. I grinned, releasing her lower lip and sticking my tongue into her mouth, another moan coming out of the back of her throat. Electricity and sparks flew through my body, causing the hairs on the back of my neck to rise as goosebumps arose across my skin. It felt so incredible..

She lifted me up from the seat, her arms tightly around my waist as she brought me towards her. I smiled, our lips releasing as I crawled upon her lap, trying to catch my breath. The cool air from her own breath caused me to shiver, excitement filling me as her hands slipped under my shirt, the cold sensation making me take in a shaky breath.

I leaned down, attaching our lips once again, my hands pressing against her cheeks, bringing her face even closer to me, my eyes closing in utter ecstasy. She drew small circles with her fingers on my back, before reaching up even higher, teasing me slowly. I whispered in response, beginning to feel a growing throb down below, along with some wetness. I wanted to feel her so badly... like a moth to a flame, I would always run to her... I could barely live without her.

Just then, she unclasped my bra, causing me to gasp in surprise, my eyebrows raising suddenly. My mate took that opportunity to stick her tongue into my mouth, her tongue colliding with mine. I moaned in response, getting lost in the feeling of her easily dominating my mouth, to the point where I could barely put up a fight.

My bra slowly slid off my breasts, brushing past my nipples and making me tense up with need. My mate slowly reached up, sliding the bra straps off my shoulders, allowing for the entire piece of clothing to fall down to collect around my waist. The entire time, our Lupe never once left each other, there wasn't even a paper thin distance between us. I was beginning to lose my breath, yet I didn't care. The feeling was indescribably good.. My head was spinning, the only thing I could feel and think about was my mate.. the way she touched me and the way her tongue was exploring every inch of my mouth.

Her hands moved from my back towards the front, her fingers tickling my skin as she did so, causing me to smile against her plump and soft lips. She grasped onto my breasts, squeezing them softly, causing a spark of pleasure to flow through my body.

With that, I pulled back in surprise and let out a loud gasp, my hands moving to grasp onto her shoulders tightly. I threw my head back, breathing heavily and biting my lip, my eyes squeezed shut as I grew all the more aroused. My love moved her head forward, pressing her lips against my neck, making my mouth fall open, everything falling into place so perfectly, the feelings almost overwhelming, yet just perfect at the same time.

My nipples were particularly sensitive, and I felt her move her thumbs over them, a moan finally escaping the back of my throat. She smirked against my neck, before beginning to suck against my pulse point, my hardened nipples being teased all the more, sending sparks and fireworks through my body, my breaths and moans becoming more frequent and loud.

"Laura.." I breathed, my muscles tensing and my wetness only growing, her tongue moving over my skin.

She began to make those kisses more harsh, sucking against my neck as her tombs moved against my nipples even more. I moaned out loudly, whimpering and shifting about, holding onto my love tightly, not wanting to let go. I had missed this.. my body had been longing for her touch for too long, a burning desire growing within the deepest pits of my stomach. All for my mate.. She teased me with her fangs ever so slightly, causing me to shiver and whimper out for her, my nails digging into her shoulder. I pouted when she pulled her mouth away, and he looked down at her.

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