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I first heard about the phenomenon of three loud knocks signifying a death when I was quite young through family stories. Back around 1956, my mother's first husband was killed in a car crash. That night my mother's sister heard three loud knocks at the door, but no one was there. They heard the bad news soon after.

In February, 2006 I was living with my fiance in a motel room that was provided to me by the adjoining hotel and restaurant where I was employed. It was reasonably late, around 11 p.m., and after making love we both settled in to near sleep. All of a sudden there were three very loud bangs on the window (it seemed to me to be more focused on the window than the door). They were extremely uniform in their intensity and duration, and had an echo sound, like BOOMboom... BOOMboom... Boomboom.

We both sat upright and I knew there would be no one there. I got dressed and went out to see, and it was quiet. After scaring the hell out of her by looking at her and saying, "Death-knocks," I told her what I knew about them. That scared her even more.

I decided to call my mother living nearby to check on her, as she was suffering from serious cancer at the time. She was okay, and I wondered whether it might be my dad.

I didn't really think about it much after that, but in June that year I received an awful phone call letting me know that my dear friend had lost his estranged wife Sonya and his two-year-old daughter in a car accident. Seven months later my mother passed away from her illness.

Just today I was relating this story to my friend, who had begun dating Sonya a few months before her death. He was surprised and told me that he too had heard three loud knocks at the door of his house after he and Sonya had finished making love on a Saturday morning. There was no one at the door, and looking quickly out the window upon hearing the knocks, saw no one at the doorstep.

I have no idea what this phenomenon is. Maybe an angel, maybe a demon -- who knows? Something out there seems to know a lot about us though.

Other story:

This story will be short yet very detailed. It's my third experience to share. I am an introvert guy and a nocturnal one. For those who doesn't know what an introvert means, it means "inside" & nocturnal as "night". Due to having no work, I get used to sleeping during the day and fully awake throughout the night. Spending my time playing on Playstation 2 or on the computer. All of a sudden, there are 3 knocks on my door. "Tud..." "tud..." tud..."

The knocking was very clear and loud, with second interval. I thought my mom was awake and wants something from me. So I opened the door and to my surprise-no one was there. So I just brushed it off and continue what I was doing. After a few hours, like an hour or two, I heard the knocking again. I opened and still no one was there. This incident happened a lot of times with a few days interval. Sometimes, weeks will pass until this will reoccur again.

I consulted a friend, a physic, who's studying in University of the Philippines. I called him up and ask him regarding about this "knockings". What he told me, scared me at first. He told me that the meaning of the three knocks was the sign of Death.

I asked him what to do. He told me not to open the door if it happens again, unless someone called my name or answered me. He mumbles some prayer over the phone which I cannot understand. He told me that he put a protective ward on me and that he will consult his fellow questors on my behalf for further findings. He told me also to pray, "Our Father", three times, "Hail Mary" and "Glory be" whenever this incident happens.

This was when I was still in my beloved country. Up to this day, I'm still here, making a living.

Thank you for reading and I hope someone can enlighten me more regarding about this incident. Comments are more than welcome.