Lawyers and lords and portals oh my!

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Police cars surround the hotel I used to live in, which is now slowly crumpling to the ground.

Our father leads me, Bianca, and Nico into a dark alley.

I wrap my arm around Nico's shoulder, somehow, he managed to save his mythomagic game and bring it with him, oh joy.

our father stops in his tracks, and turns to a bare wall.

"What is he doing?" Bianca asks, I shrug and continue to watch him as he stares blankly at the wall, waiting for something to happen.

Seconds later,  A black portal appears where his eyes stare, with black tentacle like shadows licking the edges, Bianca gasps and Nico takes a step back, I yelp, every once of me yells "run!" But I take a small step forward, holding my hands in front of both siblings to defend them.

A lawyer steps out of the black portal, and smiles widely at our father  "Lord Hades, how may I serve you" the lawyer says.

"What's going on?" I demand, our father- or Hades, as the lawyer calls him- hushes me.

"Quiet child, you will thank me later." He says in a low, sad tone.

He turns to the lawyer and raises his chin, "take these three to the The Lotus Casino." He tells her, "I expect them safely hidden in there as quick as possible."

Bianca tilts her head, "The Lotus Casino, what is that?" She asks.

"And where is it?" I add, "there are barely any Casinos in Italy"

"The Casino is located in North America" he explains, "In the United States, it is safe there, the Lotus Casino will take care of you as long as I need them to"

Bianca and me look at each other, then back at Hades, "what- who are you? What's going on?" I ask, "why can't you just take care of us, like a normal dad would?"

"You shall learn, soon." He answers simply, "but right now, you are not ready, none of you are. Now, children, please go with one of my most trusted servants, and everything will be okay."

Most trusted servants?

"But.. Where is mom?" Nico asks quietly, holding his game to his chest.

For a split second, millions of emotions run through Hades eyes, hatred, fear, regret, sadness, then his emotions fade, and he looks like the same cruel man I have already come to dislike.

"That's not important, now, through the portal." He says, "it's not dangerous, trust me"

We all stare at each other, completely confused, my father rolls his eyes, "this will all make sense in a later time, now if you don't walk through this portal I will push you in one by one"

Bianca takes a step foreword hesitantly, I almost stop her, but but by the time I reach out to take her hand but the lawyer grabs her first, placing her in front of the portal.

Bianca looks at me, and swallows. She breathes in deeply, standing up straighter, and turning to the darkness.

She takes a step foreword, then suddenly shes gone, the portal flashing when she disappears, it licks the edges more intently, opening wider, as if it just enjoyed a nice meal, and wants more.

Nico yelps quietly, "w-wheres Bianca?!" He says worriedly.

Before I can stop him, he runs toward the portal, screaming for Bianca.

He sticks his head in the portal, I try grabbing for him, but it's too late, he disappears completely, the dark shadows wrapping around him and pulling him in the dark abyss.

I yell, and turn to Hades, "what's going on?!" I demand a third time.

He raises an eyebrow at me, "do not be disrespectful to me, I am more important then you know"

"I don't care how important you think you are! We deserve to know what's happening!"

He sighs, he looks at the lawyer and nods his head towards me, before I'm able to realize what the message means, the lawyer Rams me into the portal, sending me flying backwards.

The experience is absolutely horrible, my face feels as if it's being pulled off slowly, every muscle in my body goes numb, and I get a massive headache.

My ears pop as I go faster and faster, I can barely see a light ahead.

I try to look for Nico and Bianca, but I can't move, and even if I could move, the land is pitch black, it's impossible to see your hands.

My eyes are directed to an opening that quickly gets closer and closer.

As soon as the light hits my eyes, I wince and close them tightly, turning away.

I fall through the portal with such force, I loose balance, or maybe my knees just buckle under my weight.

I land on the floor with a hard thump, my mind clears unintentionally, the headache taking over. My body gives up on me completely, and I faint.

Hey guys! Sorry it took so long to make this, and it's not very good, but it should do for now, I promise you can expect more from the next chapter!

Anyways, I will be posting a chapter once a month now, (maybe more) except since I missed January there will be an upcoming chapter before February ends! (Hopefully) so keep in check! -Athena

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