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Khalil's Pov

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Khalil's Pov

November 7: Late Afternoon

It was like 2 in the afternoon, and I just now waking up. Oceana was still sleeping on her belly with her arms tucked under her pillow with her mouth was opened a lil bit.

I'm telling y'all my dick is her bottle of NyQuil lmao...

Getting up from the bed slowly I grabbed my bag that held my clothes and hygiene products in it then I made my way to the bathroom a nigga had to piss and get his hygiene together.

10 minutes later...

I was walking out of the bathroom in a pair of boxers with my hygiene handled. Looking over at the bed my baby was still asleep, so I was finna get her things ready for today.

Walking over to her stuff I opened her bag that had her clothes in it and took out one of my t-shirts and a pair of my boxers.

She stays in my shit...

I didn't take out a bra because lately she's been complaining about her titties hurting, and it's a plus for me because I like staring at her tittes anyway.

Opening the small part I took out her prenatal care gummies, then I placed everything on top of the dresser.

Walking out of the room quietly I made my way to the living room and sat down on the couch, then I grabbed the hotel phone and ordered us some breakfast.

30 minutes later...

There was a knock at the door, and I knew it was the room service people.

Getting up from the couch I walked to the door then I unlocked it, grabbing the food from them I tipped them 100 dollars each then I shut the door behind me now it's time to wake Oceana up.

Walking inside the room I placed the tray of food on the nightstand then I walked over to the side she was sleeping on.

"Baby..ma..my love..you gotta wake up beautiful," I said kissing all over her face.

"Ok, ok I'm up" she whined opening her eyes her breath was stank asf, but she still looked beautiful.

"Good morning baby," I said pulling the covers off of her then I started running my hand up and down her back.

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