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"Ariliana Ray!" Squeaked a voice from behind me. "You can't be serious?!" My best friend, Luxia, questioned.

"I am serious Lux, so don't try and stop me." I stated blandly, walking down the road.

Me and Luxia are were-beings. Not those fictional beings who shift and their cloths rip to shreads. We're real. Our clan was killed three days ago by King Everlight's knights. Now, blinded by rage and a strange pang in my stomach, I was on the road to Clestivite, the king's city.

"But Ana! Your going to get killed! Let's at least get backup!" Lux begged me. I stopped then. Backup, eh?

"Good idea!" I thrilled. "Let's go find that rebellion we been heearing about. You know, the rebels?" I stated, turning to the woods. "Shift, it'll be faster." I told her. I couldn't shift because of the prophecy bestowed on me. My wolf, were-wolf to be exact, was silver with white flecks and icy blue eyes. Not something you see everyday but hey, it works!

Luxia's violet eyes darkened as she took her were-horse form. Luxia's mane was pitch black and her coat was a darkish dappled grey. I scampered onto her back, slinging our bags infront of me as she whinnied, starting to canter off. "We need to hurry to!" I said and she began to gallop.

Not even twenty minutes into the ride a noise came to my ears. Lux stopped, her ears swivling as an arrow busted through the bushes to out left, lodging into my side. O let out a cry of pain, skidding sideways off of Luxia as she shifted.

"Ana!" She squeaked, kneeling beside me.

"Be careful..." I said quietly, dislodging the arrow and allowing myself to bleed. "Help me up."

"No, you will leave her there." Growled a voice as a man stepped into view, flanked by some were-beings. He looked at me. "State your buisness."

Lux cleared her throat and he looked at her. "My names Luxia Ann Salvadore and this is Ariliana Ray Sanders. Our pack was attacked and killed off by Everlight's soldiers..." She said softly.

The man, his face hard, watched us. "Shift." He ordered. "All Everlights men are the same." He stated. "Black bears."

Luxia blinked and shifted, her purple eyes to the side.

He stared at me. "Shift." He repeated.

I shook my head and he growled. "Shift!" He repeated once agaim.

I shook my head. "No." I said nonchalantly.

"Silvex, calm down dear." Said a woman from the back as she walked up. "She means no harm. If you don't belive me, take her to the soothsayer and he will agree." She stated softly, offering me a hand.

The man, Silvex, growled and shifted. His form was a pitch black wolf with a white fore-paw. He turned and stalked away, everyone but the woman and Lux following.

"Thanks." I replied, allowing her to lead me to the trees.

"No problem." She giggled. "Your friend looks tired, I'll carry you." She said, a soft and motherly smile on her face.

I only nodded and watched her shift. She was a were-bear with pitch black fur and a white snout. 'She must be his mom...' I thought as I climbed onto her back and she took off, Luxia following.

Trees, trees, and more trees passed for abbout an hour as I slowly fell asleep on the womans back, her motherly and ginger touch soothing me into the darkness...


Sorry guys, know it ain't the best and it's alot cramed in but.... I tried ^^ I have chapter two written already but you'll have to wait. I'll see when I can upload it. Maybe every two days? Anywho, tell me what you think and if I should continue to write... ^^ Thanks for reading!

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