[Chapter Sixteen]

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"I was always searching, 

 For the last piece missing, 

 Now that I found you, 

 Wishes do come true." 

 -"I'll Be Yours." 


 "How much blood did you give her?" I heard Luc ask, my ears picking up every noise while I was half-conscious. "Maybe you did not give her enough, she should have been awake by now." I could hear the worry evident in his voice and because I knew him so well I knew he was either pacing, or running his hands over his face. 

 "Look, I told you I am not a real doctor. I gave her about three bags already, which should help suffice for her and the baby. I am not sure if it was enough but I think that it should have been."

 Feeling groggy, I opened my eyes to my surroundings and soon noticed that an IV was plunged into my left arm, making me quickly look away. The second thing was that my shirt was pulled up to my chest, making my newly white bandages around my waist clearly shown. 

 Looking up from my body I saw Luc holding the other man, "I did not ask for the facts, I just asked how much blood you have given her. And I know you are not a doctor, but you did have some medical background for providing to the King and Queen." 

 The male narrowed his eyes at Luc, "Maybe so, but I am not the one blackmailing other vampires to help save myself and my pregnant girlfriend. Even so, I did not murder the prince in cold blood, and I am also not the fugitive running from the law." 

 Luc also narrowed his eyes, then released the male vampire. "If I was not so close to you, Jakob, I would presume you were trying to pick a fight here. Let us not recall who's been training for more years and who was recruited to the army." 

 The male vampire, Jakob, just shut his mouth. After taking a moment to close his eyes and breathe, he looked back at Luc with a more sincere expression. "The fact, Luc, is that you are in some major trouble right now. Now, you and I both know I would do anything to help you but I cannot keep you two longer than a few days. If the boys were not so young I would let you guys stay longer, but I cannot risk the safety of my family. You of all people should now know the responsibility weighing on your shoulders by keeping your family safe." 

 Luc nodded, "I know and I understand that Jakob. Everything has been happening so fast lately I figured I would have more time. But I really do appreciate what you and Helena are doing for us."  

 Jakob smiled at him, then his black eyes landed on me. "Well, looks like Sleeping Beauty is finally up. I will leave you two alone." Jakob left the room, leaving Luc to rush by my side. 

 He gripped my hand in his, kissing the knuckles. "How are you feeling, love?" He asked. 

 I smiled faintly at him, "I have been better, but there is no more pain anymore." 

 He smiled back at me. "I am glad." Then his facial expression turned serious. "My god, Nadia. You had me so worried. I did not know if you and the baby were going to make it. You lost so much blood and you kept coming in and out of consciousness. If Jakob had not been there to save you two, I do not know what I would have done." He slumped his head against my chest and I let my hands run through his hair, gently scraping my nails against his scalp. 

 "Everything is all right now, just relax." Still running my fingers through his hair, we stayed like that for a while. 

 Luc was about to say something when my stomach grumbled very loudly, so instead he just started laughing. Glaring down at him, I gently pushed him off my chest, now the nice moment was officially ruined. 

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