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❧ Chapter 33: Urgent ❧ Updated and completed.

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Gods damn it. Merryn ran after her concentration breaking, along with the hidden spell. She grabbed the woman's ankle just before she teetered over dragging her back inside.

The Elders and Parcival stood there in shock.

"You pockmarked, rotting wench! Damn you to the hells!" said Silvia.

Merryn growled, stepped over to her, pulling her fist back, "I'll make that pretty face match your real self, don't think I won't."

Han rushed over to her, and placed his warm hands on her left, "don't."

She glared at him but backed away.

"You weren't kidding, she's quite impetuous."

"Well, maybe that is a little strong. More like, reckless," Parcival said.

"That's not any better," she huffed.

"I asked you to wait."

"You were gone half the day. What, you wanted me to wait like a dog?"

"Well no but -" he sputtered.

"Hey you two, she's escaping!" Han pointed at the window on the far right side of the room.

Merryn chanted the haste spell faster then the humans could hear. A pain wrenched her body as the spirit took its payment just as quickly. Ignoring the muscle spasms as they'd fade soon, she ran over, caught Silvia and pulled her back in.

"Elven slut, you think he'll allow this? My-" She stopped, then looked out the window, while wiping the blood off her upper lip, "You're all ignorant of the real truth! He's coming, then you see for the first time in life, you'll see."

There was a click. Everyone turned to find the youngest elder by the doors he swung the key around its chain. Silvia scooted over and stood by him.

Parcival stepped toward her, "just what do you think you'll gain by this?"

The overall feel of the room became so tense that if she could reach out and pluck it, the vibrations would set off everyone.

The man said not a word but dropped the key into his front robe pocket as he swaggered over to Merryn, his brown eyes under heavy lids. The blasted sun flashed off an amber ring he wore, blinding her momentarily. He pushed the air before him, Parcival, Han and the elders stumbled back.

She squinted and backed away, "back off!" It was uncanny the way he moved so quickly.

He waggled his finger, a spark leapt from it onto her nose, "behave yourself, vessel."  His words were serious, but his dimpled grin didn't match with the rest of him. 

"Who are you?" Merryn said.    

He looked at her, shaking his head. "You really expect me to answer that?" The man seemed to grow a touch taller, while on his right side patch of the air shimmered. That jerk, he's so irritating. She inched away and headed over to Parcival.

The man was instantly before her, his hands clasped so tight it hurt her upper arm. "Yaa!" She startled and kicked him, he side stepped away. "That's not going to work. Much like any plans I had to day. You are a problem." 

It was hard to tell, but there was movement to the left side where the Elders where. It wasn't fair there'd been no time to recover from all the running and injuries lately. Can't be much stronger than a human right now. She stamped on his foot, but that didn't do much. His lip twitched. Gods, it is not funny! 

He snapped his fingers. "Come Silvia, we have her, no point staying." 

"Thank you, master, they had become annoying." He patted her on the head, "you're a good servant, worth saving." 

"I tire of this." She pulled on her forearm stretching the skin several inches.

"Yes go ahead it'll make you lighter for the journey." 

Silvia's skin slogged off in chunks, showing the muscles and tendons underneath. Her nose elongated as did her hands, then her clothing unraveled and rotted away; long sharp claws pushed through the tips of her fingers and toes. Steam rose from her body hissing, while the muscles and tendons melted dripping off the bone. They cracked, fell, becoming dust upon hitting the floor. Rush the dusk rat faced her, flicking her tail.

Everyone groaned, as this happened, she fought a rising gorge as the last  bit slid off. "Nurrrg!"

He snapped his fingers again, this time in front of her face. "It may be but was needed."  He searched around in the folds of his robes and pulled out a scroll. "Rune cast: transportation." A purple glowing rune about the size of a large table top appeared under their feet. He pulled her close to his side. "you're not as heavy as before, I see." 

Parcival stepped over. "You can't just grab her, what the hells?" The other Elders has split and were now on both sides of the room and were flanking Kar. Parcival stood where he was, untied a pouch and pulled out a blue potion.

Where does he find the time to make those? She struggled harder, all that did was make her arms even more sore.

The other elders drew closer to Kar, their brows furrowed and lips thin, "fix her now Heartrad, she still needs to be questioned."

  "You still don't get it. I'm not him, This is hilarious."  

Chills ran up and down her back as the recognition of who this was hit hard. "Parcival! It's---" The man whispered too low for the others to hear. "Do as I say or they will burn, and no amount of water will put it out." 

"When I get free..." Merryns body shook, and she clenched her fits to her sides, her head bowed and avoided eye contact with Parcival.

Kar whispered again. "You'll be long dead before that, I'm sorry, but you never should have opened that book. " His heavy-lidded eyes clouded over, then and at once they cleared and were green. "Now it's too late. "A softness crept at the corners of his voice. "You might not die, but I doubt it."

Rush yanked on his robe. "Master, they get close now." Rush said.

He nodded. "Do it now." 

Kar held out a hand as if holding a cup. The air shimmered, there was a loud buzz, then pop he pulled his dragon claw staff out of the air.

Han came from out of nowhere hissing, swiping both claws at his her face, his tail whipping about. "Bastard!" 

Kar smacked him away like so much paper. "Hurry up Rush that was too close."

Ramino pulled his hands apart making a crackling sphere, "Leave now, and put her down, she still needs to be questioned."

This was insane, what the hell, reduced to helpless girly? she growled his fist raising. "Don't." Small flames danced around his staff. 

Rzmino grabbed another chair behind, tossed it at Kar. He blocked it with his staff, it whizzed behind with a smash.

"Goodbye fools. She knows nothing of pain, nor pity as she's an empty abomination, and isn't worth saving."

The words if they could would have sliced through her chest. Is that all I am, a tool? The rune grew in height, enveloping them, becoming hard as glass. It floated over to the open air window carrying them. 

"Merryn!"  Parcival ran over pounding his fists on transportation rune.

It carried her out and above. Parcival and the others but a streak left far behind in the span of a second.  

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