Parcival crossed over to the group of Elders.

A woman Elder turned facing him, her hands clasped behind, "State your case."

"Madam, I have known her for a time now, it's inconceivable that she would do such a thing."

Her face became taunt, "I've taken the liberty of researching this friend of yours. Did you know she's a thief and a trained assassin? She's been lying to you."

Merryn clamped her jaw. The first part is true, but to bother killing a human, they must know that's not allowed. Hope they do anyway, otherwise, this is going to get tricky.

"And who, gave you this information, madam?" Parcival sid his eyebrow raised, if things were different it would have been funny at how high he had it. Sarcastic gestures didn't seem to be a strength of his.

She waved her hand, "That's of no importance."

Parcival griped her shoulders, "Considering she's to be hanged for something she didn't do, it's of importance! Tell me!"

Her head jerked back, "I don't have to answer to you."

Ramino stepped over, "Madam yes you do, or do I need to invoke your oath?"

She backed away, and Parcival let her go. She gripped the sides of the table, "my contact confirmed that she was here he saw her."

The other four elders moved to stand behind her. 

"You mean spy, what are you up to Silvia?" said Ramino, his gaze shifted to the elders, then back to Silvia. 

"You can't trust her, you can't trust any Elven! They are evil, or have you all forgotten?" She turned her way a flat emotionless gaze over his shoulder like she knew, then turned back to him again. This all happened in the span of a second, he didn't seem to notice. These humans, so annoying it'd be so satisfying to go over and smack that look off her lying face! 

She fidgeted with her robe sleeve her eyes downcast, "I was just worried about you, that's all I swear!" She looked up at Ramino her eyes wide.

Ramino sighed, "Perhaps I promoted you to early. Send for your contact."

She turned quickly and took off, right into the surrounding elders who had formed a half circle around her. One of them grabbed her shoulders and spun her around.

"Call him. Now," Ramino said.

She gripped her hands together wringing them, "I won't!"

Parcival face reddened his hands tightening into a fist, "now."

She lifted her chin while shaking, she said, "Make me."

"You leave me no choice." He took out if his pouch, a long vial that had a swirling white and orange liquid in it. "Tell me."

She spat in his face.

He uncorked the vial, "tell us now, or this will make you."

She reached for the vial, and then pushed past the elder on her right side and ran towards the open window jumping out of it.

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