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Once there was a family with a kitten named Marble

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Once there was a family with a kitten named Marble. Marble was a gray cat with white on her ears. Her family loved her very much. One day she couldn't find her way home from the forest and she met another cat called Stardrop that was born and raised in the forest. Stardrop was a dark gray cat with silver flecks and a teardrop on his chest. Stardrop raised Marble to hunt and survive and train to become a skilled fighter, then he introduced her to his clan and she got her clan name stonefighter from the leader nightfire.

After that the clan healer sunfrost told stonefighter and stardrop to get some watermint and It was whiteleaf and all the clans were low. When stonefighter and stardrop set off for watermint they came across an abandoned twoleg place and to their surprise it still had watermint safe from the frost so they grabbed as much as they could carry and brought it back to sunfrost.

Nightflame told them to get some rest and they would go hunting later because prey was thin for all the clans. Before they went to their dens both of them grab some prey from the storage on their way to their dens. Stardrop grabbed a small mouse and Stonefighter grabbed a skinny lemming and they brought them to the protectors clearing to eat.

when they got to the clearing they saw blueflame and treelight. they were eating as well so stonefighter and stardrop went and joined them.  after that all of them went to their dens. 

 Marble being a cat  loves sleeping and eating.


314 words

this is my first story and i probably wont update for a while because of school also im 11 so dont judge.

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