Chapter 1 - When Wang met Rani

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     CHAPTER 1  - When wang met Rani

Head line news:

Korean news channel:
Indian peoples are angry with Korean government officials. Does Korean government have any link with this hazardious accident.

Reporter: Singer Hadiya met with an accident while coming back to her hotel room. Does anyone involved in this accident?

what will happen to her?? Victim is admitted in hospital and what about other person who caused this accident??
Keep in touch for more updates!!

In the hospital:
"Now it's all under Fate and miracle, said doctors"

People: Is that true?! Hadiya is dead?!

Wait! I got you. who is hadiya? what's happening here?

Yes child! Scroll down to know more.

Just imagine,

It was a bright sunny day and a gorgeous woman wearing stunning sun glasses entering into the airport, the whole crowd were shouting and screaming for her appearance.

Airport was filled with huge fandom of Hadiya.

(Hadiya is a famous singer and a business woman/entrepreneur in India)

Crowds was screaming like: Hadiya!! Hadiya!! Haadiya!! Hadiya!!!

It's her first time traveling to Korea (seol) for a official meeting, where all the idols and business officials were gathered together.

In the other end, a guy with a clumsy look, as a feckless person was sleeping in his bed.

When his alarm rang, He Stood up to fresh up but ended up lying in bed again.

Yes! You are right! He is the hero of our story.

~~~~SEON ~~~

(Korean man, born and brought up in same korea) He might be looking clumsy but very talented.

His aim is to be a famous guitarist but no one is ready to give him a chance to prove his talent. So he decided to show his talent in his own way).

Back to story:
He woke up finally.. Seon took his guitar and his bicycle.. Going forward towards his dream..

On Other side, Hadiya landed in Korea and straight away went to attend the meeting.

Hadiya entered the business hall and greeted everyone.

"Hi all its pleasure to meet you all here!! But not everyone is excited about her arrival in Korea, because she is not famous in that new country.

Some of them were looking forward for her performance because Hadiya is the only person who was selected from India.

Event was started. Hadiya is standing in middle of the stage.

The performance started. As expected her performance made the whole stage into heated and overjoyed.

All the producers and business officials were impressed by her performance.

In the mean while, seon is also standing in the middle of stage in a club where filled with old-age people, in first he felt sad because he want to perform in huge crowd but when he thought atleast he could able to hold his guitar and do what he want makes him more happier. Seon started playing and made them happy.

However, performance ended. Hadiya was returning back to her hotel room from the business hall (event organisers already made everything ready for her to stay).

And seon went back to his home to get rest but ended up caught by his aunt (aunt is seon father's sister, seon mom and dad was left him while he was 5 years old, they never came back to get him.. from then he was growing up with his aunt and his cousin) seon's Aunt is kind and sweet, her only dream is to make her daughter Eun Jung marry to seon, so she used to ask him to find a good job and settle in his life, but he refused and wanted to follow his dream. Aunt and seon fought each other.

Aunt: can't you just do this single thing for us! I didn't ask you to give money or work for me. I just want you guys to settle down and live a good life as every Korean people does.

Seon: I can understand what you are trying to say but this is also my future aunt!! This is also a good life when I achieve in this field!!

Aunt: when you will?? How long you are going to say the same thing?? Enough seon! Throw the guitar, attend the interview tomorrow. "Interview?!" Said seon, aunt- yes you will be attending that interview and we will lead a normal life as like everyone!! Don't try to follow your parents foot prints.. It is not going to work, forget it..

Seon: Don't bring there name in front of me!! I'm not following anyone's foot print.. I'm on my one!!!!!

(seon screamed and left the house, driving his bicycle crazyly in the road.. Seon is tearing up)

Suddenly... "a van met with an accident.." In one end Hadiya was in the van and she is badly injured she didn't wear her seatbelt and the driver tried to stop the van which made the van suddenly flip and people in the van got badly injured.


A guy with bicycle (seon) tried to cross the van suddenly.. Who made this hazard incident happened!

What will happen next?! Stay tuned

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