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(A/N: her car.^^^)

(Diamond's POV)

Today's the day. The day that I'm finally moving from my hometown in California. To be for real... I'm going to miss this place and the food, but I want a change in scenery I want some thing smaller colder and more wet. I'm tired of the hot dry air in San Diego.

So right now I am packing my bags and preparing my car to go to one of the coldest and what is places in the US.... Forks Washington.

As I'm putting my luggage in the car I see my Mom and Dad approached me.

My mom is a beautiful, dark skinned, african women. And my dad is a tall, muscular, Colombian man, with a thick spainish accent. And you could say that my parents are beautiful people.

"I can't believe my baby girl is leaving, do you really have to go?" Mom asked as she hugged me, " I do Ma, I think it'll be a good idea, because (1) I can get away from all this heat, (2) I will be able to practice my powers a lot more because it's not as populated in that town, it's very small and (3), I want you guys to focus on the business" I said as I pulled away to hug my Dad,

My mom and dad own a business that creates medical technology for hospitals and stuff, so we're pretty rich. My parents are going on a very important business trip, and they could make a lot of money from this trip. I'm talkin' HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars.

"We're gonna miss you princesa." Dad said but it was muffled by the hug.

"I'm gonna miss you too, Papa."

I finished loadin' up my car with the help of Mom and just as I'm about to get in, I see my best friend of 6 years, Camilla.

"Gurl you thought you 'bout to leave without my hug?!" Camilla yelled half-heartedly. She came up to me and hugged me tight, which I returned. I laughed, "Oh, I'm sorry Cami." I said as we pull away but still kept a hold of our hands.

Camilla's been my best friend since we were kids, there was a time where I wasn't as strong as I am now and some kids with bully me for my ethnicity and she would defend me and chase them away. We've been best friends ever since.

And I also told her about me and my powers and how I got them for my mom and dad and she never told a soul so I'm thankful for that.

She's the best.

"DeeDee, why can't you take me with you cuz like not going to lie," she said and she leans in " this place is gonna hella lame without you, bestie." I giggle, "For real." I joke and we laugh.

"Baby." I turn to see my Mom, who I forgot was there for a minute, "I want to give you somthing." she said as pulled a beautiful amulet and Camila looks over my shoulder.

"I need you to keep this with you 24/7, because this will notify you when there are other supernaturals around you,"I nodded

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"I need you to keep this with you 24/7, because this will notify you when there are other supernaturals around you,"
I nodded

" will also protect you from entity's who try to harm you, even without you knowing and only you can wield it once you put it on." she said as she put it over my big curly ponytail.

"Thanks Ma I really appreciate it." I smiled and gave her a hug which she returned,"Of course, I have to at least give you some of that protection." I chuckle and admire the amulet,

"Ohh that's cute~" Cami said as she tries to touch it but my Mom stops her. "I wouldn't if I were you." we look at her,"Why?" Me and Cami say in unison, confused. "Look." she simply says, nodding towards the amulet.

Me and Camila look at the amulet with her hand still in front of it and we see that it's glowing orange.

"Whoaaa~" Cami and I gasped and when Camila moves her hand away the amulet goes back to normal, " That's fire!" I said as I touch it and it does nothing. " I told you it's protection." Mom chuckled.


It's time.

"Okay..... this is it." I said sadly. " I love guys, don't forget it and tell Dad for me." I say as I hug them both," I love you too, oh and make sure you tell Charlie that I said hi." Mom said while we all pull away. "Of course Ma."

My Mom, Papa, Charlie and Renee are all really good friends and did almost everything together when they were in high school. Their children, me and Isabella were friends too, but as we grew older she changed. She became a bitch.

So we stopped talking after I moved to California

But Charlie is like a second father to me and I will be visiting him at his house then go to my newly purchased home in Forks. I'll be living by myself which is dope.

"All right I gotta bounce. I've got a 16 hour trip ahead of me, and I'll make sure to text and call. Bye Ma, bye bestie." I say as I give them a final hug before climbing in my car and driving off.

This should be good.

(A/N:OMG my very first chapter I'm so excited for this guy's I hope you guys enjoy this the book and I hope I'm not that bad of a writer for my first time thank you.)


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