His Majesty Part 1

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Part 1

   The prince sighed as he rolled over in bed. His purple eyes were still closed with long eyelashes brushing his cheeks. His almost-scruffy blonde hair covered parts of his face, sheilding him from his reality that was imminent. The blanket on the bed had slipped so the eighteen-year-old's tan chest and abs were revealed to the world. One muscled arm was under his head, the other hanging off the bed.

   The prince was not a morning person, in the slightest. His usually calm and statistic mind was clouded, making him almost a whole different person. Only one soul knew of this, and that was the prince's shy servant, Yuki. This sixteen-year-old had the "unfortunate" job of waking the prince up every morning.

   "Prince Yuuri, p-please wake u-up." Yuki pleaded as he stood next to the prince's bed, blushing at the lack of coverage.

   Yuuri's frowned as he opened his eyes, pissed at being woken up, "Why did you wake me up?"

   "I'm s-sorry, P-prince Y-Yuuri, b-but you need to g-get u-up." Yuki fidgeted.

   Yuki was at least two inches shorter than Yuuri, and defineately less strong. Even though Yuri was a boy, you could never tell with his long, silky, black hair and shiny, blue eyes. Yuki was a skinny, but dedicated servant who did whatever his master, the prince, wanted, even if it was extremely embaressing.

   Yuuri scowled as he abruptly grabbed and threw Yuki onto his bed. The prince climbed on top of him, still sleep deprived. Unfortuneately for Yuki, this happened quite often.

   "Y-your h-highness!" Yuki whimpered as the prince held his hands high above his head.

   "Hush. You're the one who woke me up this damn early, and you and I both know this is the best damn way to wake me up." Yuuri growled lowly as he kissed the neck of the younger. "And I told you to call me Yuuri, at least when we're alone."

   "Y-yes...Y-Yuuri." Yuki closed his eyes as he felt the prince's free hand trail down his body. 

   His face flushed as the prince's fingers teased the sensitive pieces of his skin, moaning softly as Yuuri then began licking his navel eagerly. Yuki clamped a hand over his mouth as the prince's lips traveled lower and lower on his body. 

   Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. "Your highness, are you awake yet?" A stranger's voice softly asked, interrupting the prince from his ministrations.

   Yuuri muttered a soft 'damnit' before he responded, "Yes? What is it?" His servant rolled his eyes in exasperation.

   'Of course, I'm the only one who knows his real personality... but then again I kind of like that.' Yuki thought smugly. He snickered.

   "A visiting royalty has arrived at the gate, and for a proper welcome you have to be there Your Highness." 

   Yuuri sighed. "I'll be there in a few minutes then." He glumly replied. The prince then grinned and slowly bent back down and kissed Yuki deeply, whispering into his mouth. "We'll continue later."

   "Y-yes Y-Yuuri."

   Yuuri slowly got up and changed to meet the visiting hiarchy, muttering all the while. Yuki smiled as he followed the annoyed prince through the castle, not knowing what happened later would then cause him to realize and reveal his true emotions for the sometimes selfish prince.


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