Sprinting to them we waited until a mini portal opened in front of us shooting out our packages which lui caught before it closed. Snatching the letter attached to the packages I quickly tore it open, it was a letter from the council warning us that when the yellow rouge attacks that’s when we start preparing.

"What does it say" they asked. Showing the the letter I waited for their reactions but there was none just a blank look “That's our clue показать твою себя , когдажелтый зверь вызовов.

'' Reveal thy self when the yellow beast calls" "yup"

"So what now" "We wait until it comes before we reveal ourselves, but be on alert it could be at any moment link Damon and tell him of this later" ''Yes princess" they replied

"Alright let’s get to class" was my final order before I smacked right into a hard chest. Looking up I gaped at the shocked looking Drew. "yo-you talked" Oh fuck not again. "Yo-you talked and have the voice of an angel" Rolling my eyes I linked the guys to grab him and pin him to the wall.

"Listen up Drew no one is to know I talk okay and if you as so much as tell them I’ll kill you got it" He gulped fearfully before he got this mischievous look in his eye. “No you won't but okay I won’t tell unless you promise to talk to me whenever I’m around" 

I narrow my eyes at him. This little twerp is getting on my nerves I could kill him and burn his body right now but a missing beta wouldn’t do any good right now. "And how am I supposed to do that without people hearing me?

"Easy mind link me" I glared at him before agreeing with him. "Let him go guys" They pulled back standing next to me on each side protectively. "You should really talk more you have an amazing voice"

"Yeah yeah whatever lets go we have cla *ring*ss to get to" Sighing i realised it was lunch time and I should probably go talk to Travis about the new defensive strategies we came up with. "Oh you're eating lunch with the guy and I" he said running off before I could tell him no. Dam anal hole

The guys snickered but quickly shut up as I glared at them. "I don’t know why your laughing if I’m there Ashton's goanna come meaning you both have to distract him"

Entering the Cafeteria everyone turned to look at me geez I know I’ve been gone no need to stare. Making my way to my table I noticed Drew and Ashton sitting already, oh that’s why their staring. 

#what do you want to eat princess? # Lui links to me. #oh no I’m not sitting with them by myself I’m coming with you guys#

Turning around I joined the line ordering two slices of pizza a bag of pineapple slices and a bottle water. I waited until the guys got theirs before joining the not so welcomed guests. Placing my tray down I began eating as the guys sat on either side of me preventing any seat swap to happen.

"Jeez Ember not even a, hi you just began eating" Looking into Drew’s eyes I used the mind link to send him a really loud message ''FUCK OFF DREW I just saw you a while ago" He jumped form the shock of me talking to him for a first through the link and because of the loudness. 

The guys laughed as he fell out the chair on to his ass. "Jeez woman are you trying to give me a headache" I shrugged #next time don’t be such an idiot# 

"Rude much" I rolled my eyes before returning to my pizza.

"Wait she talked to you" I didn’t bother looking up knowing Ashton was looking at me, instead I pulled out my phone and began messaging Travis and yes phone work in all worlds and realms.

ME: Эй , ​​мы должны встретиться и перейти на эти новые движения (we need to meet up and go over the new moves)

Him:Хорошо , как о субботе (Okay how about Saturday?)

Before I could reply my phone was snatched out of my hand by Drew and Ashton "OH who you texting your boyfriend?" I glared at Drew as Dima and Luis started chucking. "Oh who's Travis? And what the fuck kind of words are these are you an alien or some shit" 

I couldn’t help but smile at his stupidity. #No Moron now give me my fucking phone back# "*gasp* why you have a sailors mouth Ember why so naughty? But here's your phone'' I snatched my phone from him then tossed it to the guys to read, when they nodded their head I returned back to eating'

""how comes you talk to him but not me" I mentally scoffed why would I talk to him. Deciding not to answer I continued eating which pissed him off even more. "Fine be that way I don’t even care anymore" He shouted before storming out the cafeteria. 

That was the last time he spoke to me or looked at me without out a glare.

*sigh* this is such a pain.

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