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A/N: *whispers* If you don't already, you should read thatfangirlingfreak 's oneshots bc they're amazing ok bye (also this chapter is a little awkward I think)


I gulped as I pulled into Calum's driveway. I can't ruin this. I need to calm down. My mind was reeling.

I checked the time before sighing. It was almost 1pm, so hopefully he would be awake. But just to make sure, I ended up spending an extra five minutes waiting in the car, running my hands over the steering wheel nervously.

Finally, I decided enough was enough, so I got out of the car and into the cool breeze. Wiping away my sweaty palms on my jeans, I grabbed my bag from the passenger seat and made my way up to the front door.

I rang the bell twice then waited, rocking back and forth on my heels as I bit at my lip ring. I hope I don't wake him up...

Luckily, the door swung open moments later to reveal Calum slightly dishevelled, but awake nonetheless.

I gave him a smile which he returned, making my heart flutter. You fell too hard, too fast again, didn't you Luke? "Hey."

"Hi! Come in."

He stepped aside to let me in, and I kicked off my shoes before looking around the house. It was neat, slightly smaller than mine (which made sense) and on the walls were various framed photos.

I looked back at him, and he shrugged. "Do you want something to eat, or to drink?

"I'm okay," I smiled shyly.

"Oh good," he nodded, chuckling a little as he ran a hand through his hair. "My mum was completely ecstatic when I told her you were coming over, so she might end up feeding you your weight in whatever she decides to make today."

"Oh yeah?" I chuckled, raising an eyebrow and hoisting my bag higher up my shoulder. "Why's that?"

"Because I've never had a friend over since maybe year 2," he shrugged, smiling a little and looking at me, but his smile quickly fell into a look of confusion. "What happened to your- Your-" He gestured to his own nose, trying to find the word.

"Oh, my piercing?" I asked, and he nodded. "It's still there, but I just flipped it up. I didn't- Didn't want to make a bad impression..."

Calum chuckled, shaking his head. "My parents wouldn't have minded, you know. They've already seen the photos of you in your purple haired glory... Which actually looks better in person, by the way."

I had to turn my face and fake cough into my hand to avoid him from seeing the blush painting my face due to his words. "Uh, thanks mate."

He just nodded, before jerking his thumb towards the hallway. "Do you want to head to my room and start working?"

I nodded, trying to keep my thoughts platonic as I followed him down the short hallway and through a door covered in posters. The door was matching the walls of the room: I could barely see either anymore due to the vast amount of posters decorating them. I smiled to myself, sliding my bag off my shoulder.

Looking over to his desk, I noticed that he had pulled up another chair (probably from the dining table) and placed it in front of it. The desk wasn't very big, and I noted with yet another blush that we would be very, very close. Keep your thoughts friendly, Hemmings. He's your friend.

"Sorry it's a little messy," he apologised, and I furrowed my eyebrows.

"It really isn't," I answered, and I was being honest. His bed was made and his desk was clutter-free. All the pens were kept away in what seemed to be a very organised manner, and the only things on top of his cabinet were photo frames and a few books. Other than that, I didn't know what he could be referring to. The pile of clothes at the foot of the bed and on the bed itself were way too small to be considered a mess, and the stack of magazines by the desk were somewhat neat. The only way you could possibly call this messy is if you were referring to the posters, slapped haphazardly on top of another, and- Wait, hold up. Those are my photos! He had them taped up carefully on the wall in front of his desk, a huge contrast with the rest of the space on the walls. I tried not to blush for the third time.

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