Chapter 2: What just happened?

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"Uhh, what happened?" Kyle said. We had woken up in a field of wheat. "I remember a flash of light, and everything was dark. Then next thing you know we're here," I said. We saw a farmer picking the wheat and we yelled trying to get his attention. He looked over and saw us. He had sort of an angry look on his face and he took us to his horse and wagon. Horse and wagon? Where are we, like the 1400's? We came to a small town with a gigantic castle looking over it. He grabbed us and took us inside a building that had a bunch of barred windows. "I think this is a prison or something," whispered Kyle. "Shut your muttonholes or I will have you put in the stocks," said the farmer. Mutton? Stocks? Noooooooooo! We're in the middle of a reenactment! I tried to follow along. "Excuseth me, good farmer, but I am wondering as to whereth thou art taking useth?" I asked. "Too many eths," Kyle whispered. "I thought I did just fine," I replied. "I am taking thee to the courthouse," he said. So, we go into the courthouse, and the courtroom was right there. "What are you charging these two for Julian?" asked the judge. The farmer/Julian said, "These two were trespassing on my property!" "That's good for 30 years in jail." I was appalled, "What? We blacked out and appeared in his field!" "Quiet! Speaking out in court adds another 5 years," the judge yelled. "Take them away, the farmer and the judge said at the same time. They took us to this underground cellar that smelled like mildew. "Gross," Kyle said. The guard pushed us into the cellar. "Ruffians," he mumbled, and slammed the door. "What just happened?" I asked.

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