2 : a fine mess.

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Though his outwards appearance gave out a somewhat stony vibe, Park Jimin was the complete opposite of it. As Jieun's cold fingertips brushed against his jawline his heart started racing in fluster and caution.

He pressed his lips together for what seemed to be uneasiness to the others but was it really uneasiness or was it, what do you call it again? Right, arousal.

You never know.

Jimin gazed at the woman inches away from him in rather awe, daring, he thought to himself. His eyes ran up and down her body, too quick for anyone to notice however he did acknowledge to himself that the woman was indefinitely attractive. But it wouldn't be right to show the smirk he was holding back right now.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry but I think you're crossing the line here-" Jimin whispered feeling everyone's surprised eyes all over his body. He didn't think her tolerance would be so low, or else he would've stopped her.

But he flinched as Jieun pressed her index against his lips to shut him up. The coolness of her fingertips now gone replacing it with abnormal warmth due to the intake of a certain drug.

Gosh darn it. Did Sam do this? Bastard.

Jimin gently grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away from his mouth. Trying to put on a calm exterior, he said, " Ma'am, please have a seat." He proceeded to guide her to her seat when all of a sudden she crumpled to the ground.

"Amazing. She fainted. Typical." Jimin muttered.

At that moment, her phone started ringing and along with that, two people came rushing into the stall, calling out the name "Jieun." By the looks of it, one was a stylist and the other looked like a familiar manager he had seen before.

Then, everything clicked into place. Looking to and fro between the collapsed woman and the two people. No wonder she looked awfully familiar. She was Choi Jieun, worldwide superstar famous model.

Ah shit. What a fine mess you have gotten yourself into, Park Jimin.

"What's wrong with Jieun?" cried the blond man who was closely tailed by the brunette stylist. Ah yes, Jimin finally matched names to the faces. Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung. 

"Uh," Jimin glanced at Jieun's form on the floor as Jungkook crouched, "she fainted." Taehyung muttered under his breath but Jimin was only able to catch the word 'karma.' Jungkook's head snapped back to look at the brunette. 

"You could have stopped her," he whined sounding like a baby and Taehyung rolled his eyes. "Oh stop whining, she'll be fine. She's Jieun." Jungkook glared at Taehyung, shooting daggers at the latter. "Yeah but we are also going to have a field day with the press you dumb fuck."

Jimin was quiet unsure of the dynamic between the two but he was sure about one thing. He needed to get out of there as soon as he could before he managed to somersault into an even bigger pit of trouble, which, given his history, is not as difficult as he hoped it would be.

Just as the peach haired man took a step back, Jungkook gathered Jieun in his arms and stood up. Jimin froze as the manager looked at him with a resigned look on his face after noting the name on his tag. Dammit why is it necessary to reveal our identities to the world? Jimin cursed mentally.

"I will talk with you and your co-workers later, Mr. Park Jimin."

With a nod to Taehyung, who groaned before ordering all the staff to not make the mistake of leaving before they had the permission to, Jungkook walked away, carrying the model bride-style. Taehyung glanced at Jimin, giving him a pitiful look before he walked away as well. "You're in for a rough ride buddy. Better buckle up."

Jimin's eyes followed the brunette as he caught up with the blond man. Ah shit. What a fine mess indeed.


A groan left her lips as Jieun stretched her arms into the air. What a weird dream, she mentally thought to herself, as she felt kind of lightheaded sleeping at such an unusual time of the day.

I was literally harassing a pink haired short boy. She shook her head in disappointment towards her brain for making up such a scenario-- As soon as she did so the sudden movement made a pang of pain erupt throughout her head making her shriek and curl up on the sofa.

Jieun started chanting curses under her breath as the pain was getting more and more intense, because of it she couldn't even manage to think about the whole situation she was in. "Here," A deep voice said near her ear. She looked up to see Taehyung with a glass of water in one hand and a pill on the other, looking apprehensive, like he was afraid that she might crack his skull open with the glass in his hand. Without wasting a minute she popped the pill in her mouth and drank all the water with heavy breaths.

After a minute of silence when the pill started doing it's work Jieun finally looked up and analysed her surrounding. "What's up with him?" Despite having thousands of important questions in her head she couldn't help but ask the why the hell the grown ass blond man was crying at the corner of the room.

Taehyung casually looked up from his phone and glanced at the sobbing man. "Don't mind him it's been just five months, he's gonna get used to you passing out often soon."

Still not being able to ignore him Jieun finally asked, "What's wrong Jungkook? Why are you bawling your eyes out?" Jungkook finally made eye contact with Jieun, "I-i thought you were dead." He kept on wiping his tears away as it kept blurring his vision. Jieun felt her heart melt at his cuteness and partly stupidity.

"Chill dude no matter how buff she looks on the outside, Jieun cannot keep her alcohol in and passes out every time almost. Nothing new." Taehyung effortlessly pointed out making Jieun snort.

"Where the hell is the topic of my alcohol tolerance is even coming from? I haven't had a single drop of alcohol since last we- ugh, whatever. Now move, I have a shoot to attend." The model felt adrenaline rush through her brains at the thought of it.

Taehyung and Jungkook nervously glanced at each other, both remaining unusually silent, confusion passing between them along with something the model couldn't put a finger on. Jieun cocked up her eyebrow. "Uh guys? The shoot? MAC cosmetics?"

Taehyung cleared his throat." Well uh, you see..um it's over," he squeaked. "You've been unconscious for over 3 hours."

Jungkook shifted on his feet. "And, well, word got around that you took... er drugs, the illegal ones, which is why you passed out at the coffee stall. So, MAC said they are cancelling the contract." He trailed off, waiting for her reaction.

"Wha-" Jieun's eyes widened in shock. All her dreams came crashing down and at the same exact moment, realisation hit her like a twenty-pound sledgehammer. Memories of her at the coffee stall came flooding into her brain, along with the face of one person.

A certain peach-haired person. Jieun clenched her jaw, her eyes hardening.

"Park Jimin," she grumbled murderously.

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