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( chapter nine. )

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  WITH A GASP, ANDREA woke from her sleep.

  Her hands latched onto the sheets of her hospital bed while pain latched itself onto her chest. But, even as her fingers clawed at the stiff linen, the Jones girl was hardly even aware her own actions. All her mind could register were the memories of her past as they weighed on her conscience.

  Andrea saw every bullet fired by her gun, every wound opened by her knife, and every drop of blood spilled by her fist.

  Upon the onslaught of recollections, the Jones girl found herself unable to breathe as she choked through sobs and gasps for air. The brunette pushed herself into a sitting position, hand on her heart as she worked through the aching urge to scream. The pain was nearly unbearable.

  Andrea knew that she should've stifled her cries. But, no matter how much she fought against her tears, the effort proved useless against her pain. Andy had hardly noticed the sleeping form of Steve in the chair next to her. But, by the time she had, it was already too late to silence herself; he was awake and quick to come to her aid.

  Steve sat on the edge of her bed, eyes holding nothing but concern as he watched her struggle through every breath. "What's wrong?" He whispered, one hand on the female's shoulder. Panic was evident in his tone as he spoke and Andy felt her heart give way to another ache of pain.

  The knowledge that he was troubled because of her was a burden the Jones girl simply couldn't carry. She didn't want to worry him, but how could she lie and say that she was fine? If her current state were any indication, she was far from it─ and, in truth, who wouldn't be?

  The brunette lifted her head and the realization that she was crying seemed to only strike the Rogers man then. Steve's expression fell into a frown and he quickly enveloped Andy in a hug. The whisper of soothing words were all that could be heard between them as he held the female close.

  As he comforted her, Andrea did her best to hold back the waterfall of tears that ran down her face. But, it was nearly impossible. With Steve there, holding her, she felt safe and reassured. The mere presence of the Rogers man brought forth the realization that he wasn't truly gone. It was just as he'd promised; he hadn't left her.

  After a few moments of silence had passed and breathing finally seemed manageable, Andy finally began to speak. "I remember." She whispered as her fingers clutched tightly onto Steve's jacket. She could feel the Rogers man tense at her words before he quickly relaxed.

  He must have known that this was bound to happen. After all, Andrea's remembrance had to occur sooner or later. Though, the female couldn't help but wish it had been the latter. At the very least, she might have been spared from the pain. Even if it was for only a little while longer.

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