( chapter five. )

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  ONCE ANDY HAD FINISHED getting stitched up (which wasn't as bad as she had originally thought it would be), she was cleared to leave and got a ride home from Natasha. Despite how unlikely it would be, the female couldn't help but find herself hoping that she would make it home before Steve in order to avoid confrontation.

  However, those hopes were quickly diminished the moment she reached the third floor and saw that he was waiting outside her door. Andrea heaved a heavy sigh, trying not to complain too much as she slowly made her way towards him. As she walked, Steve turned at the sound of her footsteps.

  Almost as soon as he saw her, an expression of relief crossed his features. But, Andrea ignored it. She kept her expression impassive as she pulled out her keys from her pocket, avoiding his eyes. "Something you need?" She questioned, her tone dull and full of disinterest as she spoke.

  To say she was angry would have been an understatement. While Steve might have been the one to help her walk off that ship, that didn't mean she was any less mad at him. He had blamed the jeopardization of their mission on her when all she'd done was ensure that it had been completed. Which, resulted in her getting shot.

  'Go with Natasha,' he said, 'it'll be safer' he said, the Jones woman couldn't help but think bitterly to herself.

  Steve was silent for a few moments and, as the seconds passed, Andrea felt her annoyance become more prominent. Though, the female was taken by surprise when the Rogers man pulled her into a hug, a thousand apologies quickly spilling from of his lips. The brunette's eyes widened and she stood frozen for a moment, taken aback and unaware of what to do.

  Finally, she gave him an awkward pat on the back, these actions eliciting a laugh from Steve. At the sound, Andrea couldn't help but give a half-hearted smile. "I'm sorry too." She told him with exhaustion tainting her tone. The brunette wrapped her arms around the Rogers man's neck, burying her face into the comfort of his chest.

  For a while afterwards, it was silent between the pair. But, they both knew what topic was coming up next. Steve braced himself for the question, knowing that he couldn't tell her the truth. Not while she couldn't remember it.

  "Steve?" Andrea questioned softly, the two still embraced in a hug. Steve heaved a gentle sigh. "Yes?" He replied, closing his eyes and wondering what he was going to tell her. It wasn't as if he could blurt out that he'd known Andy in a past she could hardly remember. One in which she'd fallen for their best friend and one in which he'd promised to keep her safe if the man that she'd once loved couldn't.

  "When you said that you'd promised someone you would keep me safe, who were you talking about?" She finally asked him, pulling her head off his chest so that she could look him in the eye. He seemed reluctant to say something, as if he didn't know how to put it into in words. But, she let him take his time, not unaware of how fragile and serious the topic seemed to be.

  "I don't know how to tell you this other than to say that there are some things that are better left unsaid. That way people don't get hurt and, please believe me when I say that by keeping this from you I'm only trying keeping you safe. I should tell you this─ I should've told you this a long ago. But, now isn't the right time. Please, Andrea, understand that I'm telling the truth when I say I'm only trying to protect you." Steve told her, his tone full of pleading as he spoke.

  Andy stared at him for a moment, stunned into silence. It wasn't the answer she had been expecting. But, for some reason, she wasn't angered that he was keeping something from her. Whatever it was, she could see how much it stressed and worried Steve to not be able to say anything. So, with great reluctance and despite her curiousity, she agreed to let it go.

  At least, for now.

  "Alright, I understand." She told him softly, gently placing a hand against his cheek. Her words caused Steve to let out an almost inaudible sigh of relief and Andy's smiled once she saw that he was instantly less tense. She stood on her toes, placing a small kiss against his cheek and preparing to bid him goodnight.

  However, before she could even so much as open her mouth to speak, Andrea found herself being silenced as a sharp pain hit her skull. It was as if a dagger had ripped through her head and the pain was almost unbearable. Andy's knees weakened and exhaustion left her nearly incapable of standing on her own. The female inhaled a gasp as her legs finally gave out.

  But, Steve was quick to react and wrapped an arm around the female for support. "Are you okay?" He questioned, concern reappearing on his features. Andrea struggled to stand, but she didn't want Steve to worry more than he already did. The female forced a smile onto her lips, trying not to grimace as she meet Steve's eyes. It took everything within her to be able to push him away and stand up on her own.

  But, she couldn't let him know that there was something wrong. "I'm fine, it's just the blood loss. The doctor said it would exhaust me." Andrea hated how easily the lies slipped past her lips. But, either way, it wouldn't matter. Steve always seemed to look right through her. "Andy-" He began, only for the brunette to cut him off.

  The pain was getting worse, it was hard to see straight. She needed to leave without drawing more suspicion. "Really, Steve, I'm okay. Getting shot is bound to cause some pain." She lied through her a grin, one that was more believable than the last. Reluctantly, Steve nodded, letting his grip on the girl's arm loosen. She stepped back gently, telling the blond man a quiet 'goodnight' before entering her apartment.

  Once inside the safety of her home, Andy heaved a sigh, running a hand through her hair in a stressed motion. She was confused and worried as to what had just happened to her. She could feel her head pounding ever so slightly, the pain still vivid and fresh in her memory.

  A frown adorned her lips as she walked towards her room, only to stop and cry out as the pain came suddenly returned in full force. Except, the only difference was that it seemed to be far more painful than before. Instead of the feeling being a fleeting sensation, the pain didn't go away. As the seconds passed, her torment became more powerful and Andrea found herself unable to hold back a scream of pure agony.

  It was torture and she could feel warm tears begin to fall down her cheeks as she clutched at her head and collapsed on the ground. She cried out once more, the sound of someone pounding against her apartment door barely audible to her. Steve could hear her screams and the sounds were hell as he worried about what had happened to her.

  Finally, when he could no longer stand it, the Rogers man kicked in the door. When the flimsy wood had opened, Steve ran towards the sound of Andy's cries. He found her lying on the ground, clutching her head with an expression of the utmost pain. His eyes widened at the sight and he quickly picked the girl up into his arms, grabbing his phone from his jacket and quickly dialing the emergency number to the hospital.

  The phone continued to ring and Steve watched with worry as Andrea slowly began to fall unconscious. "No, come on, stay with me." Steve told her as he brushed the hair out of her face. Panic seized his chest as he watched her eyes flutter closed and, when the sound of someone finally picking up the phone caught his attention, he was quick to reply.

  "Please help, I need an ambulance."

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