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"Wahhh! It backfired," Naoki yelled as he peeled Kei off of him and hid behind me. I felt something pull my hair and heard a soft thump, my head suddenly feeling much lighter.

Oops. My wig...

The boat went silent.




Rhyder smirked and sauntered up to me. "Well well, what do we have here?"

"Shut up," I said tonelessly.

"So you were a cross dresser?" Kei asked, his eyes wide and looking completely betrayed.

Uhh, how exactly am I supposed to respond to that? Like a girl cross dressing as a boy or a boy cross dressing as a girl?

I looked at the wig on the ground, then my clothes, and then tugged on one of my side bangs.

"I... I guess..." Wait, does this mean that they think I'm a guy dressing as a girl, or a girl dressing as a guy?

How am I supposed to handle this situation?

"Well, for now, let's just head back to the island I was on before, 'kay?" I said, with a sweet smile.

Rhyder stepped in front of me. "First, answer this one question. Are you a boy or a girl?"

Looks like brushing it off isn't going to get me past this one. I gulped as I felt the tension from him.

I'm so dead.

Raikou stepped in front of me. "It shouldn't matter, should it?" He said firmly so that it wasn't even a question.

"You're an angel, Raikou," I thought to myself and regained my composure stepping up beside him. "You're not really in the position to be questioning me." I stated in an icy tone. Raikou patted me on the shoulder and smiled warmly.

There was a whistle, and we all looked at Naoki. "Yas for yaoi!" He shouted, and Kei fell on the floor laughing.

I sighed. The trip back is going to be a long one.
I have never been more glad to get away from a group. I'm surprised I managed to keep my secret.

I even got them to stay quiet as I put the wig back on.

I even borrowed some makeup and didn't do a bad job putting it on.

Why did Naoki have makeup? He said it was for his next prank. Poor victims.

Honestly, I thought it was the end of my cross dressing while cross dressing .


Here I am.

Back on land.

The day after almost being drowned.

With the obligation of dealing with a hysterical Haru.

Save me now.

Before he suffocates me.

Oh. Kill Tamaki while you're at it too, he's too loud.

I finally managed to push Haru away and gasped for air. "Don't kill me, I still have exams at school!"

This shut Tamaki up at the least.

"E-Exams?" Lightning went off behind Tamaki. Then he thought for a moment and exclaimed, "Such things will not limit BEAUTY!"

Haruhi sighed. "Well, I'm going back. The scholarship is the only thing keeping me in Ouran."

"Then we should head back, shouldn't we, Tamaki?" Kyoya said with a smirk.

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