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Still flustered at the last event, you kept on playing and fidgeting at the straps of your bag or twirling your a strand of your hair with your fingers and avoiding the stares at the hallway. School hours are over yet you still can't get over at the scene, which greatly disturbed your concentration and focus.

You were in a deep thought till a notification ping came from your phone. You dig your free hand on your bag, opened your text messages on your phone and saw a certain red-head's message.

[Name]-san! Meet me at the entrance of school, I'm here with Kanao-chan, Nezuko, Zenitsu-kun, and Inosuke-kun! I wanted to introduce you to someone! ^_^
Sent at 5:05 PM

Seen at 5:06 PM

[Your Username]
Alright :> I'm currently going there, can't wait to meet someone :>>
Sent at 5:06 PM

Seen at 5:06 PM

We'll be waiting!!
Sent at 5:07 PM

Seen at 5:07 PM

No sh*t i'm nervous at meeting that person right now.

You turned off your phone and placed it on your bag with a nervous smile. You certainly don't want to keep them waiting so you walked your way to the school entrance for a few minutes.

"[Name]-san!! Here!!!"

Tanjiro's arms and his bright face was the first thing you saw when you went outside and your lowkey glad. Beside him was the weird yellow-haided guy, the cutie Nezuko, the also cutie Kanao! And--

"Oh, it's you."

You bluntly said with no interest at the pretty-angry short haired boy with a uniform that went through all kinds of sh*ts. He popped a vein when he saw me.

"oH, lOoK! iT's An aNnOyInG bUg!"

He said in a weirdly high-pitched voice. The Kamado twins looked at the both us with concern but we paid no mind to them.

"Hmm, a bug? I see no bug here other than you."

you look around with a hand on your chin and with a suspicious look in your face (kinda sus if you tell me)

"wHAT DID YOU SAY?? I WILL [Redacted] KILL YOU STUPID [Redacted] [Redacted]-- oOF!!!!"

Tanjiro slapped at the back of his head which resulted to him falling down with his face first on the floor.

"Don't say those kind of words in front of the people! Especially my dear sister, Inosuke-kun! That's inappropriate!"

Aaaanndd he gave him a really long lecture. You snickered and cover your mouth, he glared at you and raised his middle finger to the air, which again, was slapped by Tanjiro.


No way. Are you fcking kidding me.

"Is that you [Name]-chan?"

You slowly turn around and saw the same gentle eyes years ago.

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