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Some time had passed since the incident and everything seemed to be going great for me. Michael suffered some minor injuries, but in the end he was recovering and didn't mind the attention he received from girls. That incident shined the spotlight on me. People actually noticed me now. Like, I'd be walking to class or something and there would always be someone who would say hi and acknowledge me. Loads of people supported me and urged me to start an anti-bullying campaign, which I agreed to.

Although I had some supporters, there were still some haters. It was as if the school split in half, one side supporting the anti-bullying campaign and the other side viewed the campaign as an evil set-up. And surprisingly (not really), those haters supported Madison. I didn't care though, I didn't expect everyone to support the campaign.

On the other hand, Madison has been surprisingly laying low. She hasn't caused any trouble yet. Although, there's been some name calling but aside from that, nothing major. I don't know whether to be suspicious or relieved. We would sometimes run into each other and would exchange glares. The only activity she seemed to enjoy to do in front of me was to make me 'jealous'. For instance, I would be talking to Luke at my locker and coincidently, Madison and Calum would be there, exchanging a kiss or other lovey dovey stuff. I don't know if she knows or not, but her actions don't affect me since I was long over him.

On the bright side, I was doing fine without her. I've grown closer to Luke and Michael and now we're like best friends.

"Hey, do you guys have any ketchup?" I asked as I opened the small box of chicken nuggets.

"I do, here I'll share with you," Luke replied as he scooted closer to me.

I thanked him as I dipped the chicken nugget into the red paste. "Wow guys, I'm here too you know?" Michael joked, causing me to giggle as Luke smirked.

"So how much more longer are you gonna have that thing on?" asked Luke, changing the subject.

Michael rubbed his cast, "one more month till this baby's off. I'm gonna miss him."

"Miss who?"


"Who's Carl?"

"My cast."

Luke and I exchanged glances before we both burst into laughter. "Since when did you name your cast?" I laughed.

"For your information, his name was always Carl to begin with." Michael stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

Just then, there was a girl by our table. "OH MY GOD GUYS, YOU HAVE TO COME CHECK IT OUT!" she shouted at us.

"Check what out?" Michael asked.

"JUST FOLLOW ME, EVERYONE'S IN THE CAFETERIA!" she exclaimed as she pulled on Luke's arm.

She was Leah Danders. She was in my art class. We never talked until the teacher moved us around and we ended up as partners. She was a cheerful,nice girl. I introduced her to Michael and Luke a couple weeks ago and I think it's pretty obvious that she likes Luke...despite her denial of the 'false' accusation.

She tugged on Luke's sleeve, leaving him no choice but to follow her and leave us behind. Michael and I exchanged looks before shaking our heads with a smile.

"At least we have each other," Michael chuckled as we both head towards the cafeteria together.

The cafeteria was swarmed with people. It seemed like everyone in the whole school came to see whatever was going on. Michael and I pushed through the crowd, trying to find Luke. We eventually found him all the way in the front, standing with Leah.

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