He cheats

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You wake up from feeling your phone vibrate on your dresser. You turn and grab your phone, your face lighting up immediately seeing as it's Dylan, your boyfriend of almost a year now.


Hey Y/N I just wanted to say I love you.

To Dylannn♥:

Aww I love you too babe!

From Dylannn♥:

I love you way more Y/N, I have to go. I'm really busy, wish I could see you.

You frown at the text message, it was so unlike Dylan to leave you hanging most of the time. Then again, he has been action different lately.

A couple hours passed and you wanted to surprise Dylan by coming to his house and bringing him some of the candy he loves. You drive about twenty minutes to his house around the block and get out. You knock and open his door. You head over to his room and open it, knowing both of you are comfortable with each other so there's no need to knock.
You look up and see you can't believe your eyes. Dylan and your now ex best friend are making out him, pressed against the wall as she roams his body with her hands.
Your eyes immediately filled with tears and your hands start feeling cold, you didn't know Dylan was the one to cheat. "Dylan?" Your voice cracks.
They break apart and Dylan immediately says "No Y/N its not what it loo-"  
You cut him off by leaving and throwing his candy to the ground. You hear him calling your name and you feel him touch your shoulder.
"Don't touch me, you cheating bastard!" You whimper, "Don't come near me ever again. Enjoy your candy and that slut in your room." You add on.

While you get in your car you see Dylan bury his face in his hands and yell something. You feel a pang of sympathy but then realize what he just did to you. You drive off and pull into your drive way and cry, you just cry all night.


Dylan's POV

"I can't stop Tyler, I can't fucking stop thinking about what I did, shit I can't stop thinking of her!"

"Calm down Dylan talk to her" he says.

"I can't! She'll just ignore my texts!" I yell

A look of hurt flashes across his face.

"S-sorry Ty I just.. I can't lose her you know? I just love her so much I can't ever love anyone as much as I love her."  I mumble and cover my face.

"I can message her, she can come over and you guys can work things out." Tyler suggests.

"She won't come, she's stubborn Ty." I say, my voice muffled by my face.

"Who says she'll know it's gonna be just you and her?" He smirks.

I faintly smile " That might work."

He gets up and grabs his phone, "But Dylan?"

"Yeah?" I look up.

He turns his phone on and unlocks the screen, "Don't lose her again. She's too special and we all love her. Be careful, I see how you guys look at each other. It's different..It's love." and with that he leaves.


Your pov:

You lay on your couch, binge watching Spongebob and eating ice cream when you suddenly hear your phone go off, thinking it's Dylan you ignore it until it goes off again.
You grab it and groan, not wanting to get up. You look at the screen and see it's from Tyler.


Hey, wanna come over? You seem to need a little cheering up!(:

At times like this you really love Tyler, he's always there for you.

To TyTy♦:

Yeah, I'll be there in 5.

After putting on a sweatshirt and old jeans, you throw your hair into a messy bun and walk out the door, driving to your friend's house.

Once you get there, you open the door and yell "TYLER?"

You go over to his living room and peek in and see someone you'd never wanted to see again. Dylan.

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