Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction)

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'Ah what a better place to be on a Halloween night.' The strange pale blonde haired man thought, sitting on a roof of a rich mans tomb. His legs crossed, boots dangling off the ledge. 'What a beautiful cool crisp night.' He thought.

Halloween night was his favourite to hunt on. The best night to come out and walk around as himself. To be able to walk among the living. Able to have his teeth out just the way he liked it. He loved it!

He heard laughter about a half a meter away from the cemetery gates. He looked to where the laughing came from. He saw a couple of teenagers, dressed in black clothing, pale skin and blacked out eyes with inverted crosses, lips black. The sight made him smirk. “Finally, I can play.” The man said loud enough only he could hear. 'I'll wait 'til they get further in, give 'em a scare.'

He hoped off the roof top. The long black coat that he was wearing made a 'swoosh' noise on his way down, landing softy on the earth, without a sound. He had to pull up his tight black leather pants.

Smirking as he watched them find a spot on the ground, to set everything up. The man pushed back his hair with his palms, then slipped on his pair of black shades. Licked one of his elongated canine teeth, then smelled the air. 'Ah sweet, sweet blood.' He muttered to himself.

The tall blonde haired man walked to where the kids were. He made sure they'd be scared first, before he attacked them one by one. He crept up behind a tombstone and crouched down. Going thru their simple minds, searching for nicknames, first names anything.

The first name he called, was, “Danny.” the boy that was named Danny looked up around his friends, “Yeah?”

The boys' friends looked at him like he was crazy. The one called Danny cleared his throat, “Didn't one of you call my name?” They all shook their heads “no.” “Oh well I must be hearing things then.” He said and left it at that. 'Next boy!' the hunter thought. He ran to the tombstone closest to the boy that was sitting next Danny.

He called his name, “Jesse!” Jesse looked up and asked if anyone had called his name. They also shook their heads “no.” Jesses' eyes widened. “What the fuck is up here guys! I think someone is out there, fucking with us!”

“Calm down Jessica!” One of the other boys teased, making fun of his sexuality. “Oh shut up Syn!” 'Well he made my job a little less fun.' Thought the vampire. 'I'll just have to make one of them get up and come to me.' The vampire thought changing his plans.

The boy name Danny got up, making the chains that hung from his pants clang together and said, “I have to piss, be right back.” he said walking away to a near by bush. The tall man thought, 'Looks like that's going to be my first bite of the night.'

He got up from behind the tombstone and walked a few feet away from where Danny was sanding to drain himself.

It was time to use his special vampire power. A power that came in handy from time to time. The power to change his voice too anyone, anyone as he pleased. He decided to use one of the three boys voice as a decoy.

“Danny!” The fanged man made his voice sound like one of the boys from the group. The boy looked to his side, thinking he was going to see his mate. Danny's eyes went wide, his mouth fell open, about to scream for his mates. But the fanged man grabbed him just in time and covered his mouth.

The colour of the vampires green irises turned a bright red, his fangs seemed grow longer, his nose looked scrunched. His lips curled, he made a throaty growl and sunk his canine teeth into the boys jugular sucking as much of the boy as he could. The boys body was twitching, less and less, until it just went limp. The vampire dropped Danny's limp dead body to the ground.

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