8. Internal Struggles

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I guess it was because Sky had spent so much time wandering around in the forests and climbing up the trees and rocks.


I mean, Sky's body was nicely toned, and I couldn't get my eyes off him.

"Max? Bro! Snap out of it," Troy chuckled, waving his hand in front of my face. "Thirsty much?"

I ripped my eyes off Sky, who was walking right in front of me in the schoolyard, and looked at Troy. He was trying to hide his smirk when he looked at what I'd been staring at the entire time.

"I could use some water," I muttered, and Troy started laughing again.

"That's not what I meant," he cooed, and I blushed. Then he turned all serious, which was pretty unusual for him. "You really like him," he spoke with a quiet voice.

I didn't reply to him. We followed Sky in silence, trying to find an empty table in the schoolyard. Lunch break had just started, and everyone wanted to sit outside in the sunny yard, but we managed to find some room for the three of us.

Sky sat right next to me at the table, and I could smell the light scent of his shampoo flowing around me. It reminded me of the forest where we'd been looking for the owls.

I grabbed my lunch from the bag and started eating. No one spoke in a while, but soon it got on my nerves.

"So, should we go see the owls again this weekend?" I asked Sky.

His expression turned from plain to extremely excited in a split second, and he tried to speak with his mouth full. He started coughing violently, his face turning red, suddenly looking like he was choking.

"Sky?!" I yelled in fear and started patting his back forcefully.

He coughed a few times and took a deep breath, swallowing hard.

"I'm fine... I'm fine," he croaked and turned to look at me, and his eyes were sparkling. "Do you want to go Friday night? Or Saturday? Either way is fine with me," he spoke in enthusiasm like he hadn't been just dying from his food.

He looked fine, but I was still shaken. It was like a reaper was following him around, waiting for his moment to strike. If he wasn't walking in front of cars, he was choking on his food.

"Uhm... I'm fine with everything," I muttered.

"Great! Can we go on Friday already? Pretty please!" he pleaded.

How could I say no to him?

"Sure," I said and turned to look at Troy, who was smirking at me again.

I tilted my head, but he looked away, chuckling by himself. Then I realized I was still holding my hand on Sky's back. On his lower back. I quickly removed it, wishing I wouldn't blush so easily.

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