Bella's POV

I woke up to Nat scream-singing. I don't know what song it is but I know that it is anoying as hell. "Stop fucking around with my emotions, I like you better when your numb, nanananananan" Nat 'sang. I think she only knows the first 2 lines of the song and she sings them over and over again. "I love that song" Laura said as she came in. They both started 'singing' "Shut up" Nash said as he walked into the house. "Someone's on their man period" Laura said.

I walked downstairs and everyone was eating breakfast, I grabbed a waffle, put it in the toaster, and one it came out I ate it. "what are we doing today?" Cam asked "Well, I have to get ready at 4" I said "For what?" Cam asked "Something" I responded. "We could film vines" Hayes said "Yeah I haven't filmed a vine in a long time" Kian said.

We all got ready. "Where to first?" Carter asked "The Park?" Sam said more of a question. "That sounds like a good place to start" Johnson said.

We all walked to the park. "I'm doing the Mr. steal yo girl one with Nat and Sam." Trevor said. Nat stood beside the slide, Sam infront of the slide. Trevor slid down the slide, nocked Sam over, grabbed Nat's hand, and walked away. JC was filming for them. Everyone filmed vines and I was in some of them.

I checked my phone, "shit" I muttered "what is it?" Nat asked "It's 4:15, we have to go now" We ran back to the house and went upstairs.

I started doing my makeup and Nat chose and outfit for me to wear. "How's this?" She asked holding up a dip-died white to salmon dress with a jean jacket and white vans (picture in media). "I love it" I responded, she went downstairs so I could change. I finished my light makeup, just foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and salmon lip stick. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs.

I walked downstairs and everyone's attention was on me. "Do I have something on my face?" I asked "Where are you going all fancy?" Nash asked "None of your beeswax" I responded "bye Bella, have fun" Nat said "Bye"

I walked to the park and Ethan was waiting for me. "Hey Ethan" "Hey Bella, you look amazing" "thank you, you don't look to bad yourself" He motioned to his car and got on the other side. Wow he doesn't even open the door for me. I got in his car, he started speeding. "I think I'm going to throw up" I said under my breath. He was speeding and his turns were sharp. "Okay, were here" he said, he got out of the car.

I got out of the car and looked around. He brought me to a bowling alley. We walked into the building and it looked like I went back in time, there was dust everywhere and the colors were disguisting. "Did we just travel in a time machine and end up in 1970?" I asked Ethan. Ethan laughed. We went up to the counter and he grabbed his shoes and paid. What the hell? Is he making me pay for my shoes on a date? He went to put his shoes and I left.

I went around the back and called Nat. "Hey Nat, can you come pick me up? Like get JC or Kian to drive" "Okay, where are you?" "I'm in some getto place at a 70s bowling alley" "Okay, Kian knows exactly where you are. We'll be there in 10" "Bye, see you then" I hung up. Wow Ethans a total jerk. Who brings a girl to a rundown 70s bowling alley in the getto on their first date?

Finally Nat, Kian, and Trevor came to pick me up. "thank god you came to pick me up" "no problem" Kian said. "Why were you even here?" Trevor asked "I was on a date with a ass of an internet friend" "oh" was all he said. We made it home and all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and sleep. I got upstairs, changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt and curled up in a ball. Instead of sleeping I was on Instagram, Twitter, and texting my friends from NYC. I told them about Ethan and how big of an ass he was.

I blocked all of his acounts and deleted his contact on my phone. I felt darkness take over my body and I fell asleep.

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