22. Ten Years of Ty

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Baylor POV Five Years Ago

When I open my eyes I realize I'm in a hospital bed. It takes a moment for my eyes to focus but when they do I notice it's 3am. Ty is asleep in a chair that he has pulled directly beside my bed. He has his feet propped up on top of my legs and I try to pull mine out from under his but they don't budge. 

Asher isn't here.

I try to sit up but instantly regret it as a searing pain pierces through my stomach and I lay back down in my bed. I fumble for the hospital remote and finally grab it to sit the bed up.

"Ty." I whisper but he just continues to lay there with his mouth slightly open and drool begging to spill. I grab a pillow and throw it at his face.

"I'm slping mchl!" He mumbles, still asleep and I start busting out laughing. Did he just say Michael?

"Get up you big baby." I say as I grab the other pillow in my bed and throw it at him. He sits up so fast his butt falls off the edge of the chair and his back goes crashing to the floor as his feet stay under the blankets on my bed. His head cracks onto the ground as the chair falls on top of him and I begin laughing hysterically.

A few seconds later a nurse, who looks only a few years older than I, rushes in. She turns on the light and starts laughing as well when she sees Ty on the ground rubbing his head beside the chair that tipped over.

"Everything okay in here?" The nurse asks as she tries to stop her laughter. Ty shoots us a death glare before replying.

"Y'all bitches are evil. Disrupting a mans beauty sleep like that. I don't look this good for nothing." He exasperates and I laugh again. Damn I missed Ty.

"I wasn't aware you looked good." The nurse jokes back to him and I think she might be flirting. Oh my gosh that's hilarious. She's definitely flirting with him.

"Honey I never look less than perfect." He says as he stands up and straightens out his clothes. He grabs the chair and turns it back up right and sits down.

"About time you got your lazy ass up. I've been waiting all night." Ty says and it makes me laugh harder which causes the pain to re-emerge in my side and so I clutch it in pain. Ty and the nurse both look at me worriedly before she asks,

"Can I get you anything? Pain medication? Ice water?" She says sincerely but Ty answers before I have the chance.

"Sure I'll take some happy pills and she'll have one as well." He says and the nurse smiles at him before looking back at me. I tell her yes please on the meds and she leaves the room.

"Bitch I told you to stop scarring me with these hospital visits! Do you like living here?" Ty demands but I can hear the worry he tries to conceal behind the humor.

"Yea Ty because I wanted to get shot." I tell him dumbly as I remember pieces of what happened. My palms begin to sweat as I wonder where Asher is.

"Don't sass me! I sass you!" He says and I roll my eyes.

"Where's Asher?" I finally ask the question that has had my heart racing since I woke up. I wipe my moist palms on the hospital sheet as I hold my breath waiting for the answer.

"He's okay. He's in his room." Ty says seriously, I hate when Ty stops joking, that's when I know it's bad.

The room gains silence, I lay the hospital bed back down and curl myself into a ball as I wait helplessly for Asher.


One week later

"Would you ever leave Carson City?" I ask Ty as we sit on my bed watching The Carrie Diaries.

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