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I drove for about seven hours before I felt the need to sleep I pulled over behind a diner and parked. If I stayed in a motel it would be harder to make a quick escape if he found me.

I reclined my chair and laid down. All of a sudden my stomach growled. Ugh. I sat up. Maybe I should grab something to eat. I searched the car for some money. I opened the glove box. Jack pot!

Wow does he keep a lot of money on him. I hoped out of the car and made my way into the diner. When I walked in I was instantly hit with the warmth saving me from the bitter cold outside.

I really should have brought extra clothes. I walked up to the counter and sat down. The lady behind the counter looked up. She looked middle aged with red hair desperately in need of a root touch up with a fish net on her head and apron on.

"What can I get you?" She asked simply with a hoarse voice from years of smoking. "Umm I'll just have a.. Cheeseburger." I said slowly.

She gave me one last look before turning around and give orders to the chef. I felt eyes on my back so I turned around and saw a man in the back booth sitting there staring at me which a thoughtful look. I turned back around.

Maybe he was a werewolf? Oh god. What is he knows who I am? Will he take me back to Ronan? I started panicking and rubbed my sweaty palms on my pants. I tried acting normally but was failing miserably.

"Here's your burger." The waitress said placing my food in front of me. I quickly started chowing down on my food and when I finished I place a twenty down on the counter before leaving the place.

I walked to the back of the diner about to hop in my car when I heard someone talk. "You know you are never going to get away from him." I jumped and spun around.

It was the man from the diner. He was leaning against the back wall. He had a long black trench coat on and black skinny jeans with a black tee shirt. His hair was long and wavy hanging partly in his face and covering his bright blue eyes slightly. He was handsome. He looked a couple years older than me.

"W-what?" I stuttered. "Well at least not like you have been." He shrugged pushing off the wall and walking around the other side of my car.

"Listen I don't know who you are or what you're talking about but I am leaving." I said fumbling with my keys. I heard a long squeaking sound and looked up to see him running his finger across the top of my car.

"This is nice. When did you get it?" He asked with a smirk while easing his eyebrow.
I glared at him.

"What do you want?" I hissed.

"Oh me nothing. Although you, Kaitlyn the queen female alpha, have a big problem on your hands don't you?" He asked his smile growing.

My eyes widened and unlocked the car I flung open the door when I was thrown back against the car and he was pressed against me.

"Now now. Let's not get hasty." He grinned holding up my keys. "You can't very well drive without these now can you?" He asked.

"Let me go." I seethed at him.

"Hey I'm just trying to help. No offense but you have no idea what you're doing." He said taking a step back.

I shivered at the loss of warmth. "How do you know how to run from the most powerful man on earth?" I scoffed.

"Believe it or not you aren't the first." He sighed. I gasped. "What are you wanted for?" I asked curiously.

"Well that's for me to know and you.... Not to." He smiled. "So why do you want to help me?" I asked. "You have a lot of questions don't you?" He tilted his head to the side.

"Well first things first. We need a new car." He said throwing my keys into the trash can.

"Are you crazy!" I yelled running over to get them. "Relax. He can easily track you in that car it probably has a tracker in it anyways. Which is why we should probably get out of here." He walked across the parking lot to a shiny black car low to the floor.

"Is that yours?" I asked. "It is now." He smirked. I looked at him with an 'are you kidding me' look.

He shrugged and said "Would you rather walk and have him find you easier?" He questioned. I was about to argue but he had a point. I went to my car and grabbed the wad of money and knife.

I hopped in our new car and he started it and we drove out of the lot. "You should probably sleep. You look exhausted." He looked over at me while driving.

"No I don't trust you not to take me back to him." I remarked. "I thought we went over this? Just go to sleep, look we are driving in the opposite direction." He said pointing to a sign outside.

We were on the highway and he was right we were moving away from Ronan. "Will you sleep now?" He questioned.

"Okay. But if you try anything you're gonna wish you were dead. Remember Ronan will do anything for me. All I have to do is ask." I threatened.

He tensed but didn't respond. I leaned the seat back and turned towards the window eventually shutting my eyes.

However I couldn't go to sleep without asking a question. I rolled over and looked at him. "What's your name?" I questioned.

He smiled and looked over at me raising his eyebrow. I frowned. "You know mine so it's only fair that I know yours." I argued.

"Alright I see your point. It's Gregory. But everyone calls me Roy." He said facing the road again. I stuck my hand out.

"Well it's nice to meet your Gregory." I smiled and he smiled back grasping my hand.

"Nice to meet you Kaitlyn." I turned back around and let the car lull me to sleep.

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