Our Love

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Knowing you has been a journey...

But I only just met you recently.

Knowing you so many years ago was so simple. Then you were just a person I knew.

Until I found the love that grew.

You were always a peculiar one

So goofy and fun.

With a smile as bright as the sun.

Knowing you had been simple.

You were an honorable and dependable friend.

Whom I had no problem to defend.

Back then so many years ago...about seven am I right?

You belonged to another and so did I.

Time went on and on, as I got to know you more and more, with deep conversation.

Even though I've known you so long I hadn't  actually met you until a couple years ago. Spending time with you more and more. Not just knowing who you were but knowing who you are.

I actually met you in summer. Gradually taking more and more of my time. We quickly became closer than ever. You were a friend to me like no other.

You were there for me as I was for you.

Embracing me when I needed it most.

You had your problems and I did the same

It was the same chain reaction over and over again.

By this time, you had problems and so did I. We had no idea what to do, but we looked to each other for advice and survived.

Long by this time you were no longer attached, nor was I. We had become so close, our minds linked. You had started to begin my thoughts and I finished yours.

You told me once, I remember...that you were afraid.

Afraid of being too close to me and that you would distance yourself. But you never did and I didnt want you to.

We were too close now. We couldn't just leave one another. It was impossible to be distant.

The feelings were in the air, floating around. Waiting for a decision to be made. But not a word was said, even though there was uncertainty, we both knew what would be next.

Until one fateful night, we were alone and in the dark. Speaking how we always spoke.

In deep conversation.

Speaking not only of our wishes and dreams but of those floating feelings. Until you asked about a kiss.

You asked if I was curious. To the feeling of the kiss.

And of course I was, but we both had been trying to avoid it. I answered you.

We moved closer, with hesitation. Anticipating the suspense and path of this kiss. Anticipating the feeling of what would be behind such a simple touch.

We has no idea where it would go but we were a taking a chance, with each other. A chance so perfect but yet so unsure.

But deep down, we already knew. We were already in love.

This kiss brought us to where we are now. The feeling brought us to this, our love.

This feeling of trust, compassion, togetherness, and strength.

We are unique and rare. We had become best friends so quickly, so smoothly, it was impossible to stop.

Impossible to resist.

But we couldn't fight it. We were in too deep. We had become a part of each other.

We are our love.

I've known you for so long...seven years right?

But I hadn't actually met you until a couple years back.

Meeting you that summer was the greatest thing that happened  to me.

Meeting you helped me meet someone else too.


You may not understand now. But you have helped me grow and understand myself and the world more and my place in it. One of those places are with you. You've helped me see what true love feels like.

You've  done so much you don't even realize it. And you say you still feel you don't  do enough and you continue to more.

I cherish you to no end.

The beginning of us was so simple, and has led to an eternal ending.

Again I say. We are our love. We made it that way.

I shall love you day to day.

As long as we both shall live.

I always told you I will give you my heart as long as you give me yours in return.

I will protect yours as long as you protect mine.

Our hearts are our love.

When I kiss you now....the feeling is no longer uncertain. Its as sure and promised as day and night.

Our hearts beat together

With the feeling of our simple touch.

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