✨part 3✨

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As you guys reached the ending you hopped off his shoulder but kept close to him. You heard people whispering around you and you could tell it was about you. You Eavesdropped and hear some people chatting, "what is that girl doing with that psycho" one person said "yeah she's crazy for being close to him" you got mad but realized that there's not much you can do and you just shrugged it off 'what's so bad about him, he was so nice to me. Yeah he took someone's arms but he said they deserve it. Whatever i don't care and I'm going to stay close to him' you thought to yourself.

You gazed at hisokas hands realizing how nice they are and thinking you should hold them and that it would weird out those people more. So without hesitation you grabbed hisokas hand and started holding it. He looked down at you and couldn't help but smirk but before he could say anything the examiner stated that we will having to go through this forest full of horrid creatures 'great we have to go through a steamy ass forest with gods mistakes' you said in your head thinking that it's really gonna mess up your hair.

As everyone started walking you made sure to stay close to hisoka as you built up a bond with him. In this forest there where creatures left and right but Next thing you knew, a bunch of men surrounded you guys and as you were scared not knowing what was going on hisoka looked as if he didn't have a care in the world. You sooned realize these men were following you, but you didn't know because you were pretty oblivious to what was happening around you.

These men were saying things like "you shouldn't take the hunter exam" and "if you never take the hunter exam again we will spare your life. Again hisoka was care free, he looks down at you and looks you into the eyes "how about you go off and explore, I have some business. Just do me a favor and don't die" he says as he brushes his fingers through your soft hair. You nod and start to walk away unsure what he meant by 'business' and if you should leave him alone, but as you thought that it occurred to you that maybe you were the one that didn't wanna be alone.

"Oh and dont worry I'll come find you" you blushed and nod again just glad he was thinking about you. You went off and started to explore the hidden pretty things in this forest. You browsed all the beautiful plants and flowers as time flew.

-Hisokas POV-

After i was done killing those men and having that brawl with that boy and his friends i went to go look for Y/N with this man over my shoulder. "Oh there you are Y/N, you wondered off quite a bit" you turned around startled to see hisoka standing in front of you with a shirtless unconscious man.

'Oh i must admit Y/N looks oh so adorable when she's startled' hisoka thinks to him self as you ran towards him like a puppy when they see their owner. "Whats with the unconscious man?" you ask hisoka. "Oh don't worry about it im just helping him out per say" hisoka says while turning around. He holds out his hand suggesting for you to hold it, you obliged and hold it as you did enjoy holding it.

-??? POV-

'Ive seen her with him for quite some time now, i believe since the beginning. I wonder whats her business. Well it doesnt matter since we will probably meet very soon. She is very pretty i will say i can see why he is so infatuated with her, but theres just something about her....'

✨🌸 authors note: hey there it's your one and truly bug... anyways there's no reason for this note I'm just lonely. But ooohh I wonder who ??? Is 😳🌸✨

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