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Chapter 7                                                      

 Julie's POV

"Julie, could you get the last contractor on the phone? I want to speak to him about his estimate before we leave?" Peter's voice echoed through the speakerphone.

I punched in the number and answered, "Here you go. I'm switching the call to your other line."


"Thank you Julie." There was a hint of sincere thankfulness that almost made me blush.

The last week had been the wrap up of the initial work on the Dreker Mansion. Peter needed another project to get started soon. So, I found an abandoned library building on the outskirts of the nearest town to check out. It would make a fabulous B&B. I made arrangements to stay in the small town nearby. Best of all, my finals were over. The beginning of June had started out with sunshine and everything in bloom. I was looking forward to the freedom of summer.

I heard my phone bing, and reached into my purse to check for the text message. I swiped and looked at the message. It was from Mark.

"Have you left yet?"


I texted back, "No. Not yet. But soon. Got to wrap up with the last contractor."


There was a moment until he typed back. "Let me know how it goes. A whole weekend with your boss holds promise. You've got to tell me all the details as they unfold. I want full reports."


I sent back, "You'll be the first to know everything."

"Julie?" Peter's voice boomed through the speakerphone on my desk.

I pushed the button. "Yes."

"Are you ready?"

"I just have to gather my things."

I quickly texted Mark. "Gotta go."


Peter's POV

I clicked the button to open the doors, and helped pack Julie's suitcase in the back of my Mercedes. "I'm glad you could join me for this Julie. After all, you get half the credit for bringing our business to this area. It is a gold mine of historical prospects."

She managed a beautiful blush, the kind that usually made my heart stop. How does she do that? Then she answered, "Well, you gave me the opportunity Peter."

"It takes talent in order to develop yourself. Really. Take a compliment. If you're going to be my protégé, it's going to be OK to say thank you. Besides, I think you're the best organized assistant I've ever had." I settled into the driver's seat as she belted herself in. I pushed the button to start the car, and put it in reverse. I put my arm on her headrest to look behind me as I backed out of the driveway.

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