Chapter 15

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Coffee coffee coffee!

I needed to get some coffee if I was going to last another 12 hours here. Checking my notes over I heard some commotion coming from one of the rooms on the ground floor.

"Zack please let the nice doctor check your arm".

Frowning I stuck my head around the door, my eyes falling on the cutest little boy ever. " No mommy" he cried holding his arm against his chest. Glancing at Josh I knew he was becoming frustrated.

"Good morning" I smiled easing myself into the room. "Well who's this cute little guy?" I asked picking up what I presume to be the little ones teddy. "Can you tell me his name?" I smiled turning and bending down so I was level with Zack.

"C-cooper" he stuttered "He's my bestest friend" he smiled his big brown eyes staring into mine.

"Is Cooper here for a check up today?" I asked "What can we do for you today Cooper?" Talking directly to the teddy, Zach burst out laughing making him walk a little closer to me.

"I hurted my arm" He whispered placing his thumb in his mouth.

"You hurt you arm sweetie? Can you tell Cooper and I where it hurts?" I asked

"Its hurted here" He cried showing me with his other hand. Poor little thing. "Well honey my name is Ava and I was wondering if it would be okay for you to sit up on this big bed and let me check it for you? Would that be okay with you?".

"Can Cooper come to?"

Smiling at him I placed Cooper in his other hand "Of course he can. Now how about Mommy lifts you up and I can have a little look". Looking at his mom she mouthed a quick thank you before lifting him gently and placing him on the bed.

"Am I going to get hurted more?" He asked his little eyes beginning to fill up.

"No sweetheart but you let me know if it hurts when I touch it. Can you do that for me?" I asked. Watching him nod his head I began to feel around and push slightly.

"Ouch that hurts" He cried pulling his arm away from my touch. Just as I suspected it would. Little Zack has a broken wrist. "Okay sweetheart let's get you down from here. Dr Amaro could you take little Zack here down to the canteen?".

" Of course come on little guy I'll treat you to a hot chocolate" Watching his eye light up at the word chocolate he slipped his hand into Josh's and of they went.

"Your son has a broken wrist. I'm going to have to send him for an x-ray just to make sure nothing else is broken. I'll have Dr Amaro take you both down and once I've finished my rounds I'll come and check on the little guy".

"Thank you Doctor" She smiled

"Once he's had his x-ray I'm going to have to sit you down so you can tell me what happened that way his notes will be up to date". I smiled as I walked her out " The canteens just down and to the right".

"Keep those yoga classes going Mrs Robinson" Closing my office door behind me I slumped down onto my chair. What a morning it had been. Closing my eyes I groaned when there was a knock at my door. "Come in" I called watching as Mark opened the door.

"Thought you could use this" He smiled placing a coffee on my desk. He was right that's exactly what I needed. "Thank you" I yawned bringing the coffee to my lips, inhaling deeply before taking a drink. "What a morning" I smiled wanting nothing more than to go home and go to bed. Last night was a long night. Working long days with hardly any sleep was not good.

"I want to apologise Ava. I'm sorry about last night. I shouldn't have said what I did and I'm glad you're here. I know what an amazing doctor you are and I hope we can be friends".

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