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I have no idea how I'm going to describe this, but all I could say is, I feel terrified.

" Hello princess," the man snickered. His eyes glow with sadistic intention.

"I've found you and don't think you can run away from me," he threaten," don't you dare inform me to the police because I'll kill you before you even say a word. And don't even bother telling your pretty boyfriend, I'll hurt all of your friends." He whisper slowly into my ear and my ear burn with the acidity in his voice. My eyes turn wide and my hand tremble in fear. There are some words that are meant to be just words, but his was words that are rather true. I could not look at him, I stare ahead right through the glass door watching nothing in the distant. "Are you okay kid ?," the security ask, looking suspicious.

I clear my throat and blink few times to remove the tears that's about to flow out of my eyes, " yeah, it's fine." He look at me a lil bit longer, but decide to go back to his guarding duty.

" What do you want ?," i ask venomously.

" Don't talk like that to your daddy."

" You are not my dad."

" Sure hell I'm."
He held my arm tightly and squeeze it with so much force, that his nails dig into my skin. I gasp and suddenly a man appear through the door, leaving my so what called , dad, to remove his hand and walk away. He look down and exit through one of the door, avoiding the person whom just came in.

" Who's that?," A familiar voice ask. I look up to see Jesse standing still in his morning suit. Now, he show up.
I couldn't move nor speak, and my eyes stay glue to the glass door, where my step dad disappear. " Are you alright ?."

"Amelia !"

He shake my body by the shoulder, and look at me worriedly, but I could not move my body.

Jesse pull of the security guard's collar and shout at his face, " who the fuck was the man that just come by?"

I couldn't hear what he reply, but I'm trembling with fear. I move my body and try to find something to lean on, as tears began to cover up my eyes. Jesse run up to me and help me sit on one of the sofa and he look more worried than ever. " If you don't say anything, I can't help you."

" I don't need your help!" I yell at him. He look taken aback, but so do I. I stand up and look at him confused at what's happening to me. My legs are shaking and the wall that I've been building up come tumbling down. I break down and cry, Jesse try to approach me, but i back away from his touch.

The security guard ask, his face worried, " is this man harassing you?"

Jesse shot a glare at him and I shake my head," no it's fine."

I clear my eyes, as Jesse walk up and hug me. Covering me over his coat. " shhh baby, tell me who that man was?."

I look around a little bit paranoid, " No one, I'm just on my period that's why I'm actin up like this ." I lied.
I wipe my face with my shirt and fake a smile. By the look on Jesse face I'm sure he's not convince. " are you sure? You look pale white when he left."
" did he say something ?."

I remember his threat and my protectiveness over the people I love was on full mode, " Nothing.
Anyway why are you here?" I try to calm my voice.

" you didn't answer the phone."

" That doesn't mean you have to come here, you are driving an hour away."

" you know I'm worried."

" yeah I do, but I'm begging you not to do that. For me."

" I'll try, Im going to drive home now. Are you sure you are okay?"

" Jesse Blue I'm fine."

" alright," he kiss me goodbye and ready to leave.

" yeah ?"

" I - " I contemplate what I'm going to say, and decided that maybe this is how I feel, " I love you ."

Yap I Just said the L word and I finally did it. He look calm, And I don't know how, maybe he's just not that surprise ? Maybe it's normal for him? Did I scare him off ? Was he looking at a short term thing ?
He walk back to me and sweep me off my feet, and carry me bridal style off the building. The security guard try to stop him but I shouted, "he's my boyfriend that's alright. " I don't know where we are going, but I think I'm ready to be with him all the way. I just hope I can deal with my step dad first.


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