Chapter 3

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Draco's POV
My alarm clock goes off and I wake up. I groan and turn to my apple and kiss it.

"Good morning, love."

I get ready and put on my black suit because I know my apple loves my black suit and I go down to breakfast. I don't take my apple because I know it gets uncomfortable around other foods.

I eat a different green apple for breakfast. What my apple doesn't know won't hurt it.

I go back up to my room and take my apple to DADA class with me. I get to class and put my apple on my desk. This is the first time I let it out around other people, but it deserves to see the outside world.

I start to regret my decision of letting it out, as I see Professor Snape staring longingly at MY apple.


After DADA I put my apple back in my dorm room. Snape's gaze on it was weird, so I didn't feel comfortable leaving it out with me.

The day goes by but as I'm walking in the hallway I'm pushed to the side. I'm about to punch the bastard who pushed me until I see it's Professor Snape.

"What is it, Professor?" Is this about the task?

"Give me that apple."(Snapple, am I right?😏)


"Give me that apple now."

"Why?! No! You can't take it away from me!"

"You shall do what I say, I am your superior!"

"Why do you want it?!"

"It's green like Lily's eyes..."

Who's Lily? "Umm, ok? Get your own green apple then..."

"No! Your apple is perfect. Perfect in every way. Just like Lily."

"Ok, well, my apple is in my dormitory. I'll go get it for you." I run off to the kitchens instead, to try and find a close replica to my green beauty. Nothing is as perfect as it, but hopefully I find an apple close enough to perfection that Snape doesn't notice.


After a while of searching I find an apple almost as perfect as mine. On my way to Snape's classroom I decide to take a quick stop to my dorm room to brush my hair again. I must brush it at least 5 times a day. When I walk in I forget to hide the apple, and my apple sees the apple I'm holding.

"Wait, no! It's not what it looks like!"

My apple rolls off the chair it was sitting on and rolls out of the door I forgot to close. I start running after it but I can't find it! Who knows how far it could have gone!?! Apples roll pretty fast! Does it hate me!? If only I could explain!

As I'm running around Hogwarts I bump into Snape.

"Here's your stupid apple!" I slam the stupid apple into Snape's hand and keep searching for my beloved.


I've been running for what feels like hours when I finally I see my apple on the ground, probably out of breath.

"Please, let me explain!"

The apple looks a bit angry for an apple with no facial features.

"Snape wanted you, so I found a different apple to give him! The only reason I had that apple was to protect you!"

The apple didn't interrupt. They just listened, like the lovely, perfect apple it was.

Snape walks from around the corner, having clearly heard the whole conversation.

"So you didn't give me the perfect apple, hmm?"

"Wait, sir-"

"Doesn't matter. I was just informed that the Dark Lord wants to make himself a nose."

About time. "Ok? And how does that affect me?"

"One of the requirements for a nose is a bite of a perfect green apple." (How convenient)

"What!? Not now, not right after I almost just lost it!"

"You have 24 hours to decide. Give him a bite of the apple or die."

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