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Chapter Seventeen| Leona

"What?" I whisper and he pats his thigh.

"Over my lap, princess. Don't make me repeat myself." He tells me sternly and I stare at him for a couple more seconds before putting my self over his lap.

"What are you doing?" I whisper nervously as I feel him pull my tights down.

"You upset me earlier, princess. I might have forgiven you but it doesn't mean you're getting away with your punishment." My eyes widen.


A squeal escapes my lips as his palm connects with my ass cheek.

"Dario." I squirm as he repeats his actions.

"We're not just fucking."


"You're mine as much as I'm yours."


"Don't ever say that shit again. Do you understand me?"

I nod my head.

I moan as he spanks me one last time. A gasp escapes my lips as I feel his fingers brush along my wet folds.

"So wet for me." He whispers and I shiver. "Stand up."

I stand up on shaky legs and watch as he begins to unbuckle his belt and then I clench my thighs when I watch him pull himself out of his boxers. His hard length stands tall, the pre-cum leaking out of his tip.

I lick my lips and watch as he begins to stroke himself. "Sit on your desk and open your legs." I step out of my heels and fully take my tights off before sitting on my desk.

I open my legs and Dario groans, stroking himself while staring at my pussy which I know is dripping wet with arousal.

"Touch yourself." He whispers and I follow his instructions, reaching down and begin to rub my clit.

I moan as I look at Dario.

"You look so beautiful touching yourself." He moans.

I feel myself beginning to get worked up as I watch him pleasure himself.

I need him inside of me.

"Fuck me please!" I whine and he stands up stepping the short distance towards me.

He begins to rub the tip against my clit and I moan, throwing my head back.

"Please, Dario." I whimper, wrapping my arms around his neck and begin to kiss him. He kisses me back and then pulls away.

He pushes into me and we both gasp, our lips brushing against each other.

"Fuck." He grunts in my ear and I tighten my arms around him. "You're so perfect for me, baby." I moan in response and look up at him as he begins to thrust in and out of me.

He lifts me up and takes a seat back on the chair so I am straddling him. "Ride me, princess." He grabs my hips and I begin to bounce up and down on his lap.

I can't contain the moans as he continuously hits my g-spot, over and over. Dario rips my blouse open and pulls the cup of my bra down before latching his lips onto my nipple. I throw my head back.

"Tell me you're mine." He grunts, thrusting his hips up. He grabs my jaw to make sure I look at him. "Tell me." He grits his teeth.

"I'm yours." I whimper, feeling my climax beginning to build. "I'm all yours."

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