I'm on a BOAT!

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As Murph took us back to Mitonga Island, he explained to us that Nema had pinpointed our locations with a reciever that she built when she was five. They had noticed that our positions were in the same place for too long and were worried that something had happened.

Luckily, Murph didn't ask about the Pokemon. He must've figured that we were tired and just wanted some time to relax and not worry, which I actually couldn't do because I'm a perpetual worrywart, as Ben so frequently called me.

Ben looked out to the sea as we made our way back to the dock. He sat on the edge of the boat. I jumped up beside him and he turned to face me. "I didn't see any sign of Blue Eyes once we hit the surface. They must've ran away."

I shrugged, not knowing how to respond. I remembered his Styler and handed it back to him. "I believe that this belongs to you."

"You remembered it!" His eyes lit up in delight that I remembered to bring it, but he met my gaze and shook his head. "See if you can call your sister." He encouraged.

Ben's kindness never ends, does it? I entered my sister's Styler number in the keypad and waited for it to ring. I anxiously waited for her to pick up.

Just when I thought that she wasn't going to pick up, the Styler beeped, letting me know that they picked up. "Voicemail! Voicemail!" I cried out.

"Summer?" Keith's voice asked. "Why are you on Ben's Styler?"

"Why are you on my sister's Styler?" I retorted.

"Touché, Munchkin. But if you absolutely must know, Kate wanted to go skiing." Keith said.

"Skiing?" I asked. "How are you skiing?"

"After you hung up, Kate was trying to tell you that we were staying at the Sophian Resort. Y'know, the big Island with the huge snowy mountain."

Sophian Resort? I'd have to visit them sometime. "I didn't hang up. My Styler was crushed."

"Your Styler was what?!" Keith almost screamed into the Styler. "Do you know how badly Kate is going to flip when she hears about this?!"

"I couldn't control the fact that-"

"Keith? Why do you have my Styler?" I heard my sister ask.

"I'm holding onto it for you while you throw yourself off of the mountain."

"You were the one who rented the equipment. That makes it assisted suicide." My sister shot back. "Give me my Styler. I'm going to try to call Summer. Maybe she'll pick up the phone now."

"Well, speak of the Giratina!" Keith exclaimed. "She's already on the line!"

There was a moment of silence over the line before Kate finally cleared her throat. "Summer?"


"What happened? Why did you hang up on me? Did something happen? Was it the Pinchers? Did you find Rand? Why're you on Ben's Styler?"

I could hardly process what she was saying by how fast she was speaking. "I didn't hang up on you, my Styler was destroyed by a Pincher. That's why I'm on Ben's Styler. Yes, I did find Rand. In fact, we're going over to Rand's house to give him a report of everything that happened."

"Good, good. Maybe we'll visit you sometime, or you can visit us."

"What are you even doing in Oblivia?"

"Well, long story short, Chairperson Erma said that we deserved a vacation, so she sent us to on a one-way trip to the Sophian Islands. Why she would send us to the region where the Pinchers are for a vacation is beyond me." Kate admitted. "But I'm glad that I have the oppertunity to see you!"

"I'm glad, too. I've missed you." I told her.

"I missed you, too, Little Sister." She said with a smile evident in her voice. "I gotta go! Looks like Keith slipped down the mountain without strapping his skiis on properly. Bye!"

"Bye..." I responded softly.

A click was heard and our conversation was over. I sighed and tried to hand Ben's Styler back to him once again. This time, Ben accepted it.

"Sophian Island, huh?" Ben asked. "Well, maybe we'll be able to head over there soon."

I gave him a smile. "Thanks."

"We're here at Mitonga!" Murph shouted from the wheel, before Ben could reply.

I looked back to the shore. That was a fast ride, even for a big boat like The Union.

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