The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 28

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It was Ade's birthday, and he, Cal, Radleigh, Macca, Jase and Eli were going out to celebrate it. Zane said that he refused to go because he thought that Ade might kill him under the influence of too much alcohol. It was a fair enough statement; Ade didn't have the best temper when he was sober. So that meant that Zane and I were pretty much on our own for the whole night. Georgie was going to stay with her mum for a few days and Sierra was going to see her sister with Max.

Annie. In here. Now, Jase snarled, sounding more like dad than I cared to think. What had I done now? And where exactly was "here"? Couldn't he have been a bit more specific? I groaned, debating whether to move myself from my bed. If I stood up, there was every possibility that I would throw up and I didn't really feel like it.

But, Jase sounded grumpy so I heaved myself from the blankets and steadied my feet until I got used to standing up; I had fobbed Cal off that I had a cold and, bless him, he'd believed me for the last couple of days. But I was going to have to tell him soon; werewolf pregnancies only lasted for five months. If I left it any longer, he was going to guess and he wouldn't be happy about it. And besides; I hated lying to him. Did it really count as lying?

Annie, get your arse down to the kitchen, now, Jase growled.

Leave her alone, y'git, Cal shot at him. I smiled to myself and walked down the stairs, holding onto the banister for support; I needed to have something to eat and drink but, in all honesty, I hadn't moved from my room for days. Cal had been bringing me food but I couldn't keep any of it down.

I hated being pregnant.

I walked into the kitchen to find Jase, Sierra, Macca, Georgie and Cal standing in a small circle, their faces unreadable. Whatever had happened wasn't my fault, I swear to God. I cleared my throat and they all looked around. Jase glared at me. What the hell?

"What's wrong?" I asked hoarsely. I felt dizzy and I must've looked like I was going to fall over because Cal grabbed me by the waist and held me upright, while the room spun around me.

"Who does this belong to?" Jase spat, slamming something down on the work surface. I squinted at it, and, when I realised what it was, I mentally went through about every swearword in existence.

Because there, sitting in front of Jase, was the box of the pregnancy test I had taken at the start of the week. Shit. What was he doing going through the bloody bin? That had been exactly the reason I had decided to chuck it in there! Everyone, apart from me, looked around the room, waiting for someone to own up. I had been planning on telling Cal, just in my own time. And not in front of a small crowd. I bit my lip, feeling scared.

I cleared my throat, ready to admit the inevitable, when Georgie opened her mouth.

"It's mine," she announced. Macca stared at her, his eyes wide. Georgie turned to him, a sad expression on her face. "I thought I might be...It was a false alarm." She gulped back tears and shook, her head bowed. I wanted Macca to wrap his arms around her, to hug her close to him and tell her that it was all going to be alright. In reality, he did none of these things; he just stood there limply, his eyes cold. What I wouldn't have given just to knock that sullen expression off of his face.

I closed my eyes, willing my throbbing headache to go away.

"C'mon," Cal murmured gruffly, pulling me towards the door, "back to bed." I didn't try to fight him; letting him drag me up the stairs. Halfway up them, he sighed and picked me up, carrying me like a little kid. I felt that pathetic, that I didn't even argue. He placed me down on the bed and pressed his hand to my forehead.

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