Amsal's pov

Ya Allah tera shukar hai k to ne humen safely texas pouhancha diya!

" ruksana uth ja yaar pouhanch gaye tere amricaaaa ! " :D

"Aur tera america yad hai !" Ruksana laught silently !

We went out of the plan and wait coz my company will send a man to pick us up ! I'm on my scholarship ! But for my extra expensis i do modeling ! But just by one shoot i'm good for six months ! But my dad also gives me my pocket money !

Okay so there's no clue of that guy ! And my head is spinning coz of head ache ! But why i'm feeling butterflies in my stomach ? Why?

Kuch tou hone wala hai mgr kia?

Shehryaar pov

"Yar shehry chal na mere sath ! Yar please mjhe akele jana acha nahi lag raha ! Baba ki tbiyat khrb hai yaar pleasee chal dee " atif pleaded .

"Mjhe nahi jana ! Mera dil nahi " i told him and logged in my fb acount !

Pata nahi kyun dil jang kr raha hai k main jaun ! Magr kyun ? Aj dil itna zor se dharak rha hai ? Chalo adhe ghante ka kam hai chal hi deta hun kia hoga ?
"Chal atif chalen ! "

Amsal pov

"Ruksana yaarrr ane do zalleel na kiya tou nam badal dena " i shouted at ruksana ! I know m not doing good with ruksana but i was damn angry and annoyed

A random guy came and i turned my back to see him !

"Excuse me ? Your name ? "

I replyed with an annoyed tone

"Amsal subhani ! "

"I'm so sorry . i'm late my dad was not feeling well so i have to come instead of him " he replied with guiltness

"Well i'm atif ! And this is shehry my friend i think we should get going now coz its really late ! "

"Emm okay please put the luggage in the trunk ! " i said annoyed not even looking on there faces !

Arghhhh sar main dard hai , is liye blkul dill nahi bolne ka ! Warna itna sunati k ye yad rkhte dono !

I sat in the car and in secs i was in dark and heavy sleep ! I wasnt interested in them so i was actually ignoring them !

About half and hour later ! Ruksana shake me and "uth jao Amsal ! Ghar agaya ! " i nodded and try to get out from the car ! But i was so tired ! Idk who came and help me to get out from the car! I said thanks ! But why i'm feeling butterflies in my smotach ! But i was so tired to see him ! I didn't heard anything i directly went striaght and sleep on the sofa !

Yeah i was kinda heavy sleeper !

Shehry's pov

Okay so atif was driving the car and i was leaning against the window ! And thinking why i'm feeling butterflies !? And my heart beat is un even ? Why my heart is racing ?

Smjh nai araha ! Kyun mera jism pura zoo bna huwa hai ! Pait main tittliyan aur dil ghoree ki trha dil dotr raha hai ! Ya Khuda aisa kia hone wala hai ?

"Hey shehry airport agaya! Chal yar !" Atif said with small smirk on his face idk why ?

But i start walking with him ! I saw a girls back ! She was yelling on a girl ! Her back is on our side ! Atif excuse ! And she turn to face as !

I was numb to see her ! My heart goes ummmmmmm ummmmm ! I put a hand on my heart and fell my heart beats are now calm ! Why i am feeling this for her ? Who is she ?

"Amsal subhani " she replied with a annoyed face !

Oh khudaya ! Larki hai ya bomb ? Hai Paki magr hai kitne khubsorat iski bhori(brown ) ankhein ! Perfect jawline jo log mjhe tareef dete hain wo ise dekhein tou mjhe bhi bhul jayen ! Nakhra dekho ! Nakhreey main bhi khubsorat hai ! Yar dil chu gayi ye mera !

I was drown in my thoughts ! When atif hit me with the leg so no one can see ! I put their luggage in the truck and sit in the passenger seat ! She was sitting on the back seat ! Idk ! But i can't stop staring at her ! I was staring her from my side mirror she fell asleep ! Idk but i was still staring at her ! But then i feel i have saw her some where else ! But where ?

Atif told me that their house is here ! I opened the door and saw the other girl was shaking her ! But i think she was a heavy sleeper coz she was looking dizzy ! She was looking so tired ! I hold her hand and help her to get out off the car ! She didn't look up ! But i want her to look up to me ! Her hands are soft as cotton ! I was feeling to good ! I was happy coz i helped her ! I know atif saw that cause atif was smiling towards me ! I saw the sofa and let her sat in the sofa but i she laid on sofa ! She was looking like a child when she laid i said bye to the other she smiled and after waving her bye ! I went home walking coz my house is in front of her house !

I went in said hi to mom and told her ! That we have new neighbours she was happy coz after along tym she is going to meet some desies ! I kissed her on forehead and went in my bed !

I was staring the ceilings of my house ! Coz i was thinking about her !

Hayee nakhree main itni pyari lagti hai jb muskarati hogi tb kitne pyari lagti hogi ! Yar pehli mulaqat main hi dil le gayi ! Aur mila tou pagal bna de gi ! Magr ek mulaqat aur tou bnti hai ! Ab bs socho kaise milun magr us se pehle mjhe yad krna pare ga use kaha dekha hai ? Fb ? Naaahhh aisa nam kise ka nahi suna fb pe ! Insta ? Pata nahi ! Twitter ? Wahan ? Yar kia krun ? Google krta hun shyd koi clue kuch mil jaye !

I unlocked my phone ! And open google ! I smiled and type "Amsal subhani " i was shocked to see ! That she is a model ? Paki leading model? Top ten most beautiful asian model ? Top 100 hot womens ! Wowww ! But whats this article ! I clicked on the link and i was again shocked coz she's here in texas to practice with the best professional chefs in the world ! She has 18 A+'s in cooking ! Damnnn ! Shoot i was too shocked !

Main tou bht hi aam larki smjh raha tha ! Ye to bomb hi nikli ! Is k samne main kia hun ? Kyun mjhe mun lagaye gi ! Yaaarrr dil tut gaya ! Ab kia krun ??? Abhi sou jata hun ! Subha uth k sochun ga !

I was still staring her photos ! And fell asleep !

Yeaahhhh shehry's entry ! My love ! He's perfect :*

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