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The plane was screaming.

Angry flames burned the body of the plane from the inside out. Fire burst from the shattered windows and the cracks in its metal skin. The cabin turned into a fierce, hellish prison of blazing heat and smoke. The harsh screeching of the breaking metal bones echoed through the sky like the sound of a wounded animal. The plane soared across the sky and descended from the clouds like a meteor. Blasts of fire spread from the center of the plane and widened the large crack down the middle.

Shattered glass glittered in the air, shimmering like stars, before falling to the ocean. Luggage and bodies flew from the plane's open wounds and were tossed across the gray sky as if they all weighed the same. Its metal covering shed from the body, either falling to the ocean or clinging onto the plane.

The plane split into two halves. Its front half sailed across the sky, leaving a trail of black smoke in its wake. It nose-dived into the island below. Dirt exploded from the ground. The plane's face smashed into the ground, burying itself into the Earth.

The second half of the plane dove into the waves. The water erupted skywards creating large waves and foaming white bubbles that hissed with steam. The plane hesitated on the surface before finally sinking into the deep ocean below.

The front part of the plane sat in its trench. An ominous pillar of smoke rose into the sky. The crackle of the flames and rush of the waves replaced the sound of painful screeching. An explosion shook through the broken body of the plane and a roar echoed through the sky.

Across the island of sharp cliffs and grass, a boy with a mangled mind sat against a large boulder. He gazed up at the smoke-filled sky with mild interest. It wasn't the first time a plane had crashed onto the island. He shook it off and continued to sharpen his stick into a knife-point.

However, his quick dismissal was erased by the sound of a clear scream.

A desperate, but powerful scream.

A survivor, he thought to himself.

The boy stared up at the darkening sky as he twisted his stick between his hands. His mouth curled back into a doubtful smirk.

I hope you make it longer than the others, he wished quietly.

And fire began to rain from the sky.

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