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In light of the new year, I rediscovered my love for "The Survivors" and felt like it was time to finally complete my revision edition of the original.

I wrote Survivors back in 2017 when I was sixteen-years-old and convinced myself that my island survival book would be the greatest one on Wattpad. My sixteen-year-old had an arrogance problem if you couldn't tell, and I lovingly remind myself that if you don't cringe at the past then it means you haven't changed.

I write to you now in 2021 as a nineteen-year-old with confidence rather than arrogance. I hope to write an amazing story for you, and I hope you fall in love with the characters all over again in this new setting.

If you are an old reader, you might have noticed the change in setting. I decide to change the setting from a southern Pacific island to a northern one instead. I wanted to challenge myself with a new scenario and write an island survival story in a place where the storms are as violent as the characters in my book. It will also provide new content for those wanting to read again but dislike repetition.

This version and the old version will be difficult to associate so you can read both if you want.

This story was inspired by Lord of the Flies, the TV show Lost and Gone by Michael Grant. Once again, I hope to leave you hanging on every sentence, crying, laughing, falling in love, and cursing my name to the wind.

I invite you to escape with me to the northern islands of Alaska and Russia and lose yourself in the story of twelve survivors and the chaos that followed them wherever they went. To lose yourself in a place where nature isn't the only thing you should fear.

Wynter Reign

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