After the prom night, it’s been months that you and Louis were not seeing and talking in each other until March came and you’re about to graduate in High school for a week left. But since you’re going to graduate you never enter school anymore.

       After class, Jack saw Louis at his locker and approached him and talked.

As Louis close the door of his locker, and there appears Jack “Hi?” he said “Oh hello? And who you are?” Louis asked

“I’m Jack Adams from the 3rd section and a classmate of (y/n)... You’re Lou? Right?” Jack replied

“Yeah... Louis Tomlinson from the 2nd section... so then?” He said

“I just want to asked you about the prom?... you and Elly?” Jack said

“Oh! Come on! Stop it!” Louis starts to walk

“Hey? Wait up...” Jack followed Louis

“Ahmm. Ok? How about you and (y/n)?” Jack said and Louis stops walking

“C’mon man... she didn’t mean to harm Elly that night... She’s just concerned about you... because WE saw you’re Elly was kissing with somebody that’s why (y/n) got mad... It’s been months that You and (y/n) weren’t talking to each other... Forgive her that’s BEST FRIENDS are for... and I was just trying to help for the two of you... but my concerned was for (y/n)...” said Jack and he left.

Louis looked at Jack left and he continued his walk.

          At your house, and you’re at your room listening to music...

“Honey? Louis here?” said your mom

“OH?! Ok...” you said

“OK... I hope every things fine?” you mother said and left.

Louis was just standing at the door, and waits for your signal “What are you doing? Come on in?” you said and turn off the music

“Ah... Oh... Long time, no see...” as he enters your room slowly

“Oh.. yeah... Long time, no see...” you said back and Louis sits on your bed

“Jack talked to me this earlier after the class...” he said and you were just playing with your old toy the Teddy bear

“Ok... he explained me everything... and I knew it all about Elly... I talked to her and left her... I was wrong that I fell in love with a wrong girl... Thanks for being there for me? I’m sorry too...” Louis looked at you

“Awwe... come on here... give me a hug!” you said and he hugged you and he noticed the bear that you’re holding with

“Hey I knew that? You gave this to me when it was my 1st time to visit here...” As he grabs the teddy bear

“Yeah.. *smiled* but ‘til now it doesn’t still have a name? What do you think?” you said

“Hmm... *thinks* Oh I know! How about Boo Bear? I know it sound awful?” Louis said while holding the bear

“Its sounds cute!.. Hello there Boo?! *grabbed the bear* This teddy is a sign of our friendship since the day we met” you said

“Yeah? Right! It’s Boo Bear...” Louis laughs and you pouted your face and become sad

“Oh? What’s the problem?” Louis said

“I can’t attend the graduation this Saturday... ‘coz I’m about to live this town and study somewhere for my college...” you said sadly to Louis

“What?! Well if that so... Why go?! I’ll be supporting you and contacted you even were far from each other... and I’ll wait for you til you come back home... It’s not a problem (y/n)...” Louis said

“Yeah.. you’re right?! But promise me that you’ll never forget boo? *showing the teddy bear*” you said to him

“I promise... I’ll take care of her...” he said and the day end.

          But then Saturday has come...

As Louis was about to marched, and you were already at the airport pulling your stroller bag.

When Louis was about to receive the diploma, on the other side your about to go up stairs to the plane, and when the graduates throw their hats, on the other side your plane already flew.


"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!